11 April 2012

Trade Rumor: John Lannan on Trade Block?

 John Lannon 05 March 2012 - Getty Images
Since last weeks news about Left-Handed Starter John Lannon being optioned down to the minors it looks like a few other teams are interested in him if the Nats put him up for trade: Detroit Tigers among six teams interested in Washington Nationals' John Lannan. The other teams that have shown an interest in John are: The Orioles, Cubs, Red Sox and Astros. I only count 5 teams there, the article and the connected quotes I've seen list the Tigers twice weird.

The Nationals have sent him down to the Minors and replaced him as the fifth man in the starting rotation with Ross Detwiler. Detwiler was the winning pitcher (and the first starter to get a win this season the previous wins were by the bullpen) in the 10 April game vs. The Mets. The Nats won 6-2 it was New York's first loss of the season.

Lannan's initial reaction was to request to be traded just one day after being sent down to the Minors. The Nats don't want to trade him just yet supposedly. Even though Lannan being traded is just rumor apparently the Nats are talking seriously with the teams that are interested in him.

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