16 August 2013

Frankly Friday: Classic Counterparts

OK so I missed last week and this week is only a one card Frankly Friday. Not much to tell about how I got the card, it came from Ebay (Buy It Now I think not auction) $1.30 plus $2.99 shipping. I forget what it was delivered in I didn't note that in my Forums blogs (where I try to keep up with my maildays). This card is one of those two players from different teams type of card. The common thread for this one, besides sort of being local area rivals would be both players were sluggers who lead their teams in Home Runs and RBIs and were regular All-Stars for about 4 straight years. The Duo featured on the card Frank Howard and Boog Powell (Orioles).

2005 Upper Deck Classics: Classic Counterparts - CC-PH
Boog Powell Orioles and Frank Howard Senators #d 1696/1999
(Front and Back)

The lines on the front are not a weird scanner glitch the design of the card I think was going for a wood grain effect sort of. The areas where the team logos are on the front are where the "materials" version of these cards puts the silly "Game Used" jerseys or socks or whatever, apparently there are also signatures versions.

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