30 July 2014

Expos Extra: Ugueth Urbina 95 SP Premier Prospects

1995 UD SP Premier Prospects Ugueth Urbina

I recently got a small 9 card lot of cards from Sportlots that had some vintage including a 1965 card for my Strive for '65 unobtainable goal and this Expos Prospect card:

1995 Upper Deck SP Premier Prospects 9 Ugueth Urbina Expos
(Front and Back)

I thought it was an insert die-cut but apparently the first 20some cards in this set were the "Premier Prospects" and all of them were die-cut. The strange thing is on The Trading Card Data Base for this set this card is listed as a "foil" and a different silver foil variation is shown as the scan of the "base" card. Some of the "sub-sets" for this set over there look a bit sloppy so I don't think in this case it is a good source. TCDB is usually a good place for info but like many community databases things can get mixed up from time to time.

I don't know if it is a regular base card or maybe it is the gold or maybe bronze variant? Oh well whatever. Anyway Mr. Urbina began his Major League career with the Expos, making his debut in May of 1995. His final game would be in September of 2005 with the Phillies. Other teams he played on were: Red Sox, Rangers, Marlins and Tigers.

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