30 July 2017

Back To Back To Back To Back

Goodwin, Difo, Harper, Zimmerman WOW!
2017 Topps Now Online Card

What a Win what an accomplishment. On Thursday's 27 July 2017 home game vs the Milwaukee Brewers the Nats tied an MLB record which is also a team/franchise record. They smashed 4 back-to-back Homers, which technically is Back-to-Back-to-Back-to-Back. Making them the 8th team to have 4 consecutive HRs in an inning. Plus two batters later another Homer making it 5 HRs in one inning for a team record.

It all happened in the 3rd inning and all against Michael Blazek on his starting debut. Poor guy good thing it wasn't his Major League debut that was in Jun 2013 for the Cardinals. Having had some relief work under his belt he wasn't a totally newbie.

The Nats were leading 2-0 when starting pitcher Max Scherzer leads off the bottom half of the 3rd with a walk.
On 1-0 count Brian Goodwin knocks in a two run homer bringing in max to make it 4-0.
Next Wilmer Difo smacks in a homer on a 1-1 count 5-0.
he is followed by Bryce Harper on a full count it is now 6-0.
The Nats current Home Run King Ryan Zimmerman joins the back-to-back club on his first pitch to make it 7-0.
2011 Panini Limited Authentic Timber Lumberjacks 5 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
Bat chip (sliver) SN# 134/299
Then Daniel Murphy... flies out ending the streaking homers to some light hearted booing from the home crowd.
Next batter Anthony Rendon launches a Homer on the 0-1 pitch and it is 8-0.

They went on to score a few more Homers breaking a team record of 8 HRs in a game. They won the game 15-2.
Oh and it was Max Scherzer's Birthday what a way to celebrate your 31st year.

The Topps Now card that I showed at the top of this post I didn't think about until checking Ebay on a previous Topps Now Card (one I have talked about before and mentioned below) I found the 4 consecutive HRs card for sale on Ebay for $5.99 free shipping. The seller (toppsnow) I think started with 10 available and I noticed 6 had sold within 24 hours so I thought I should grab it before it was gone at that price. The downside is I have to wait til they actually get the card from Topps. The small print says they buy the things during the initial Topps Now 24 hours. The cards usually arrive at the seller 2 weeks later and they ship the cards out the day they receive. So I won't see that card for a while. Ebay's estimated delivery says it ships from Sept 12 to 25. I ordered another Topps Now card from them Ryan Zimmerman's 235th career HR Franchise Record. Plus my shopping spree from two other sellers gets me the Trea Turner Cycle card (#83 the other card ODB-2 a seller has listed for $99 WTH?) and a Bryce Harper Solo homer and Grand Slam 4for4 card. Those two are expected at a quicker speed between 04 Aug and 09 Aug. Yeah yeah I know I've said horrible things about Topps Now mostly the digital online only ones. They often look very nice and the subjects will probably not get put on a card anyplace else, or at least not for sometime. I just have to be careful and make sure I'm getting a PHYSICAL copy, not a digital version.

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Nationals mentioned in this post:
Wilmer Difo
Brian Goodwin
Bryce Harper
Anthony Rendon
Max Scherzer
Trea Turner
Ryan Zimmerman

30 June 2017

Tony Two Bags Rice Refractor

Back on my Birthday of this year (04 April) I received 3 card packages/PWEs each with one card. I had forgotten I had some "Birthday Cards" this year, since April was one of the months I had gotten really backed up on for my mail day mentioning in my usual places on the forums. Today on my regular CaptKirk42 Card Blog I will be posting about one of the other cards from one of the other packages I got that day. A Niche Name PC Card. Here I will be mentioning the lone Curly W Card that came as an unintentional Birthday Present. The card came from a contest from TCC member dlackey (Dennis) it was a "Guess the Number" contest. The number was from 1-100 but had nothing to do with the card itself, it was just a random number. The card is a very PC card both in player and team.

This lovely 2011 Panini Playoff Contenders: Prospect Ticket: RT-10 Anthony Rendon Washington Red crackly ice? Or Red refractor, regular refractor? Crackly Refractor? After looking at the dang checklists I think it is called "Crystal". So it is the "Prospect Ticket Crystal Collection" I guess. Serial number is 223/299 sort of a "jersey number" card for him since 23 is the jersey number he is wearing from his college days at Rice University.

31 May 2017

Get On Your Bikes And Ride

2017 Topps Now card 83 images from FederalBaseball.com

On Tuesday 25 April, 2017 in game 2 in Colorado vs the Rockies young Nats shortstop Trea Turner hit for The Cycle. For those who are new to baseball and don't know what "hitting for the cycle" means; it is when a player hits a single, a double, a triple and a home run all in the same game. They do not have to be in order, that feat is rarer and is a "natural" cycle. It is the triple that is the most difficult hit to get. Trea is only the 3rd Modern National to hit the cycle, and the 9th Expos/Nats and the 11th DC player (Senator or National) to achieve this amazing feat. The last Nat to hit the cycle was Cristian Guzman 28 August 2008 and the first Nat to hit the cycle was Brad Wilkerson on 06 April 2005. Texas Rangers Carlos Gomez hit the cycle 4 days after Trea on the 29th of April 2017. It is his second cycle interestingly his first was for the other Ex-Senators team the Minnesota Twins on 07 May 2008.

2017 Topps Now card ODB-2 from Topps.com

Expos to hit for the cycle:
Tim Foli 22 Apr 1976 natural
Chris Speier 20 Jul 1978 (hit his 2nd for the San Francisco Giants on 09 Jul 1988)
Tim Raines 16 Aug 1987
Rondell White 11 Jun 1995
Brad Wilkerson 24 Jun 2003 natural (his first same franchise different team his second was as a Nat)
Vladimir Guerrero 14 Sep 2003

Nationals to hit for the cycle:
Brad Wilkerson 06 Apr 2005
Cristian Guzmann 28 Aug 2008
Trea Turner 24 Apr 2017

Senators to hit for the cycle:
Bill Hassamaer 13 Jun 1894
Ed Cartwright 30 Sep 1895
Bill Joyce 30 May 1896
Otis Clymer 02 Oct 1908
Goose Goslin 28 Aug 1924
Joe Cronin 02 Sep 1929 (his first, his second was for the Boston Red Sox on 02 Aug 1940)
Mickey Vernon 19 May 1946
Jim King 26 May 1964

Twins to hit for the cycle:
Rod Carew 20 May 1970
Cesar Tovar 19 Sep 1972
Larry Hisle 04 Jun 1976
Lyman Bostock 24 Jul 1976
Mike Cubbage 27 Jul 1978
Gary Ward 18 Sep 1980
Kirby Puckett 01 Aug 1986
Carlos Gomez 07 May 2008 (his first, his 2nd was for Texas Rangers on 29 Apr 2017)
Jason Kubel 17 Apr 2009
Michael Cuddyer 22 May 2009 (his first, his 2nd was for Colorado Rockies 17 Aug 2014)

Rangers to hit for the cycle:
Oddibe McDowell 23 Jul 1985
Mark Teixeira 17 Aug 2004
Gary Matthews Jr.  13 Sep 2006 natural
Ian Kinsler 15 Apr 2009
Bengie Molina 16 Jul 2010
Adrian Beltre 24 Aug 2012 (his second his first was for Seattle Mariners 01 Sep 2008 his 3rd is also with Rangers on 03 Aug 2015)
Alex Rios 23 Sep 2013
Shin-Soo Choo 21 Jul 2015
Adrian Beltre 03 Aug 2015 (third total 2nd as a Ranger. his first two are above)
Carlos Gomez 29 Apr 2017 (his second his first was for Minnesota Twins 07 May 2008)

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OK now let me show some REAL cards of Mr. Turner that I actually own. Actually I'll just show two since I can't find all of the ones I have. one I have already shown here, so to see the back of that one you'll have to Follow This link.

2016 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball: 64 Trea Turner

The other one I can show is a cool 3 color patch card. It looks much nicer in hand the gold scanned as black.

2015 Panini Elite Baseball: 17 Trea Turner Nationals
Future Threads 3 color patch (White, Blue, Red) No 10/25
Front and back

Video Treat: Queen Bicycle Race Video (Live)

Nationals/Senators mentioned in this post:
Ed Cartwright
Otis Clymer
Joe Cronin
Goose Goslin
Cristian Guzmann
Trea Turner
Mickey Vernon
Brad Wilkerson

25 May 2017

Senators Singles: Signature Edition: 1965 Topps Roy Sievers

Signature Edition: 1965 Topps Roy Sievers

I have already mentioned this card on my regular blog for one of my "Strive For '65 Saturday" set build posts. Thus this is sort of a repeat post sort of. It is same post different blog. You can see the back of the card on that previous post.

1965 Topps Baseball: 574 Roy Sievers Signed on card in blue Sharpie.

I got the card from Ebay for $7.16 Free Shipping.

03 April 2017



Today Monday 03 April, 2017 The Nationals take the field at home vs. The Florida  Miami Marlins. Stephen Strasburg will be the starting pitcher.

Opening Day Starting Lineup:
SS Trea Turner (R)
CF Adam Eaton (L)
RF Bryce Harper (L)
2B Daniel Murphy (L)
1B Ryan Zimmerman (R)
LF Jayson Werth (R)
3B Stephen Drew (L)
C   Matt Wieters (S)
P   Stephen Strasburg (R)

Here is the Nationals 2017 Roster:

Starting Rotation:
Stephen Strasburg RHP
Tanner Roark RHP
Gio Gonzalez LHP
Max Scherzer RHP

Jose Lobaton
Matt Wieters

Wilmer Defo SS/3B
Stephen Drew SS/2B/3B
Adam Lind 1B/LF
Daniel Murphy 2B/1B
Anthony Rendon 3B
Trea Turner SS/2B/CF
Ryan Zimmerman 1B

Adam Eaton CF
Bryce Harper RF
Chris Heisey RF/LF
Michael A. Taylor CF
Jayson Werth LF

Joe Blanton RHP
Coda Glover RHP
Shawn Kelly RHP
Oliver Perez LHP
Enny Romero LHP
Sammy Solis LHP

Blake Treinen RHP

Not sure who will throw out the First Pitch since POTUS Trump declined. Hopefully since he IS the President he will throw out a first pitch at Nats Park sometime. I don't care what your politics are the President whoever he or she is should throw out the first pitch from time to time. Preferably on Opening Day.

Oh yeah show a Curly W card. That is what you want me to do instead of yakking about this season's roster. OK here is a First Pitch card from this year's Topps Flagship set. I'm not sure how many Nats First Pitch cards there are. I haven't checked the lists for the First Pitch insert sets, but I do need to get them. I think I have a First Pitch from last year somewhere, not a Nat forget what or who it is.

It wasn't Opening Day, but it was a special day 05 July, 2016 Nats Park. I think it was one of the Armed Services Recognition days. The ball hurler is Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber she finished top 9 in Miss Universe and is now a Captain in the US Army Reserve at the printing time of this card she was a Lieutenant. Her Wikipedia page shows her throwing out a first pitch in a Yankees jersey for a Yankees game, but she is more a DC girl representing DC in the Miss USA pageant. Born in Columbus, Georgia moved around as an Army brat. She has a degree from Virginia State University and a Masters from University of Maryland.

The Nationals lost that game 5-2 to the Milwaukee Brewers. Gio Gonzalez was the starting pitcher. The card I got for lets see ...99¢ + $3.50 shipping from Ebay received it Wednesday 08 March 2017. Mailday blogging sometimes comes in handy. Hehehe.

31 March 2017

An Ancient Contest From Trading Card Central

In trying to come up with a fun post I recalled a semi-annual contest that the Trading Card Central (TCC) forum used to have. I forget if it was done last year or not. I would occasionally participate in it even though it often stresses me out trying to come up with what to show/post in the limited time given. The winner of the contest would usually get a cool predetermined prize or a huge lot of cards for their PCs. Sometimes all of the above. The contest was called "The Battle Royal" and was a free-for-all elimination type of contest, any forum member could enter the contest. The structure of the contest was that once a week there would be a challenge to post cards from whatever the head judge came up with. Post your best game used card, best on card autograph, favorite player, favorite odd-ball card etc... The contestants then had a specific amount of time to post cards from their collection that met the requirements for that round's challenge. It was usually like 48 hours from the time the challenge was posted. After the contestants posted their entries, other members could vote on what they liked, but usually the head judge would choose which he liked best. Contestants were awarded points for each round. I think the eliminations began either before or after round three. The total number of rounds would depend on how many contestants there were and how the "ring leader" of the contest judged or scored things and how many contestants got eliminated each round.

For the 2015 TCC Battle Royal I managed to stick it out til the final 3.  The first challenge was a difficult one to decide on. Here is the challenge instructions:

Round 1- Field A Team

Cards/Team can be from any team sport and of any type. There must be a card for each position and the player depicted on that card must actually play or have played that position. If you choose baseball and use cards from an AL team, you must have both a DH and a P as well as the other positions. All players must have the same team on their uniforms.

Entries must be posted by 11:59 PM on Tuesday August 4th.

Let's Rumble.

Yeah OK. My first thought was to do a Redskins team, but Football requires too many offense and defense players. I'm pretty sure I could cover all the positions, but trying to decide on some of them would be difficult and for QB would I go with Sunny J. or Sammy B.? I also thought about the Capitals  My problems with them would have been to decide on some of the representatives for some of the positions. I also thought about using the Nationals but I had to make sure I had them in Nats uniforms, some of my Nats guys at the time I didn't have them in a Nats uniform. Long story short I decided to field a vintage Senators team. In the end it is sort of my Fantasy Pre-Expos All-Time Senators/Nationals Team.

I only showed the card fronts on the forum. I'll add the backs here as a bonus. I had scanned any backs and fronts I was missing at the time of the contest, but due to the image limit on the forums I had to leave the backs off. Note some of these cards I have already shown previously on this blog somewhere.

Here is my (two post) entry pretty much how it was posted (with the exception of the backs added here and slightly different format):

Dang what a way to start this thing. Sheesh. OK so I'm gonna kick it old school with my Homie Senators.

Da Pitchman: Tomorrow
Walter "The Big Train" Johnson
1994 Ted Williams Baseball 89 Walter Johnson

Da Catcher: Today
Paul Casanova
1969 Topps Baseball 486 Paul Casanova

1st Base: Who
Mike Epstein
1970 Kellogg's 3-D Baseball 24 Mike Epstein

2nd Base: What
Bernie Allen
1970 Topps Baseball 577 Bernie Allen

3rd Base: I Don't Know
Eddie Yost
1950 Bowman Baseball 162 Eddie Yost

Short Stop: I Don't Give A Darn
Ed Brinkman
1968 Topps Baseball 49 Ed Brinkman

Uh Oh almost forgot the image limit. It's what only 10? 6? 5? Been ages since I've posted tons of pics here. [For the record the image limit at the TCC forums is 10 images per post. That was post 1 now post 2]


Left Field: Why
Roy Sievers
1956 Topps Baseball 75 Roy Sievers

Center Field: Because
Whitey Herzog
1958 Topps Baseball 438 Whitey Herzog

Right Field: Nobody
Frank Howard

1968 Topps Baseball 320 Frank Howard

Even though the Senators (2.0) moved before the DH came about I wanted to have Killer in the lineup somewhere and since I had already used 3rd Base. Killebrew did have some at bats as the DH for the Twins in the last couple of years of his career.

Harmon Killebrew
1960 Topps Baseball 210 Harmon Killebrew

Ted Williams

1969 Topps Baseball 650 Ted Williams


Ellis Clary
Sam Mele
Bob Swift
1960 Topps Baseball 470 Coaches

Senators and Nationals mentioned:
Bernie Allen
Ed Brinkman
Paul Casanova
Ellis Clary
Mike Epstein
Whitey Herzog
Frank Howard
Walter Johnson
Harmon Killebrew
Sam Mele
Roy Sievers
Bob Swift 
Ted Williams
Eddie Yost

28 February 2017

Opening Day Like Its 2008 Or Something

Eek it is the end of the month. Lets see, Spring Training 2017 has started and right now with 3 games under their belt the Nats are 1-2 .333 as are the Braves and Marlins, the Mets and Phillies are both at 2-2 .500 so nobody in the division is doing that poorly or that great with the Spring Training only about 4 days old.

OK so Nats Opening Day 2017 this year is 03 April home vs. The Marlins. If I had planed things out I should have shown a Josh Willingham, Nick Johnson or Ivan Rodriguez card. But I didn't so I won't I will show a couple of Opening Day Cards I scanned a while back but haven't posted yet ...til now.

Opening Day 2008 (Oh Wow I didn't even think about this) was on 30 March vs. The Atlanta Braves and was the first regular season game at Nationals Park in SE DC.The Nats won 3-2 with a Walk-Off homer by Ryan Zimmerman. The Opening Day Roster was:

  1. Cristian Guzman SS
  2. Lastings Milledge CF
  3. Ryan Zimmerman 3B
  4. Nick Johnson 1B
  5. Austin Kearns RF
  6. Elijah Dukes LF
  7. Ronnie Belliard 2B
  8. Paul Lo Duka C
  9. Odalis Perez P (LH)
The Nats came in last place in the NL East that year, their usual spot for several frustrating years, with a 59-102  .366 record. Fortunately the Nationals have been doing much better in recent years.

OK so the two cards I'm a-gonna-show are of two players who have been long gone from the Nats. For one of the two players 2008 would mark his last MLB appearance and for the other 2008 was spent in the minors having made his Major League Debut in Sept of 2007.

 2008 Topps Opening Day 117 Dmitri Young Nationals

 2008 Topps Opening Day 200 Ross Detwiler RC Nationals