31 August 2016

Hey Nook Its An Allen And Ginter Autograph

2007 Topps Heritage Baseball 442 Nook Logan Nationals

No that 2007 Topps Heritage card at the top is not the card I'm talking about in this post. I thought about making this one of my Senator's Singles posts but I didn't want this logo - 
- sitting at the top of the post. Besides the card I'm showing this post is technically not a Senators card. OK yes I believe there has been a time or two that I have used that logo for an Expos card or two which technically was Never a Senators card and for many of those guys never a Curly W or DC card. I think from now on I will limit this "Senators Singles" logo to only those cards that show the guys that played DC ball from before 1972.

The card I am spotlighting this post is from 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter's Baseball set. It is one of the certified autograph cards. The framed mini cards with an on card signature. I wish these types of cards were serial numbered, but autograph cards have gotten so mainstream now they often don't warrant a serial number. Yet a parallel something stamped with blue foil lettering is?

The player featured is Nook Logan who played outfield for The Nats in 2006-07. At the time I thought he was a super guy and a much needed slugger for the team. Well he was mostly just a spectacular outfielder and a speedster on the bases. He was with the Nats when they were mostly just trading around for speedsters that made occasional spectacular plays to impress the scouts, when they really needed power bats. His bat upon reflection, wasn't so hot as I thought it was. Do bats reflect? Aluminum ones for kids and the minor leagues Yes, Louisville Sluggers and Official MLB bats NO. I forgot that he injured his foot against an outfield wall on opening day 2007, spent over a month out on the DL and never really got his hitting back up. He was slumping near seasons end. I had forgotten that he had been in the Mitchell Report on players who had used performance enhancing substances. He had used HGH to recover from injuries he had in the minor leagues when was with in the Detroit Tigers system (2004-06). Enough of the sad contributions to ending a promising career you want to see a ding-dang card.

2007 Topps Allen & Ginter's Baseball AGA-NL certified autograph
On Card auto blue sharpie
Nook Logan Nationals
(Front and Back)

The main purpose for making this a one card post was simply to fill my monthly posting quota minimum of one post. 

31 July 2016

Nats First Triple Play

WOW! What a play!

On Friday 29 July, 2016 in San Francisco against the Giants The Nationals made their first Triple Play in Team History*

THE SETUP: It is the bottom of the 8th The Nationals are ahead 4-1. Oliver Perez Pitching. Lead off batter Denard Span (Was with the Nationals last year) hits a single to third. Second batter Angel Pegan hits a single to center. Buster Posey at bat, Nats switch pitchers to Blake Teinen, Posey Walks. Bases loaded Span at 3rd, Pegan at 2nd and Posey at 1st.

The Nationals make a rare Triple Switch, they bring in Sammy Solis to pitch, Danny Espinosa to Shortstop and Ryan Zimmerman to First Base. Brandon Crawford comes up to bat.

THE PLAY: With one strike against him Brandon Crawford hits the next pitch. A line drive directly at first baseman Ryan Zimmerman. He catches it for out number 1, Runs to first base steps on the bag for out number 2 and launches the ball to third base.

Third baseman Anthony Rendon catches the ball and steps on third for out number 3. Base runner Buster Posey (at first) has too large a lead to get back to first base, he is still a little stunned. Denard Span base runner at third races toward home on contact, as Zimmerman is fielding the ball. Span would later say he thought the ball had one hopped before getting to Zimmerman.

I think Denard had the same expression Friday Night after the Triple Play.

The Nationals get their first Triple Play and end up winning the game with the same score of 4-1. It is also a historic play as it is the first 3-3-5 Triple Play in MLB History. Sadly the Nationals would lose Saturday's and Sunday's Afternoon Games allowing the Giants to split the four game series 2-2.

* Well since they have been in DC the Montreal Expos had made many Triple Plays in their history. At least 10 times with the last one being in 2002 vs. The Phillies.

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30 June 2016

State of the Blog: June 2016

JUNE 2016

OK lets see once again it is the very last day of the month and my damn procrastinating has got me fighting the very last seconds to get a post in on this month. I barely got my update for my regular blog done before the stroke of midnight. Right now it is a couple of minutes after. Dammit. FRACK!

OK real quick this is post number 6 for this year. That means a minimum of another 6 posts only 1 post per month. Sheesh this is barely even a dang calendar. ACK!

EDIT: This post was published approximately at 12:04 AM Eastern Time on 01 July 2016. I am attempting to Fudge it slightly to make my blog archive look balanced.

31 May 2016

Updating A Page Or Two

Updates for Apr and May 2016

OK so I did a little updating on a page or two in the last couple of months. My original date for this post was mid February Ouch. Here is what I have done that I remembered doing in preparation for this post.

Something that I should do more often and every time I acquire new Curly W cards is to update my Curly W Teams Checklists. 1950s | 1960s,

?What else have I updated? Not sure as I said I don't update as often as I should and I usually just do piddly little changes that don't amount to much. I also tend to abandon these update type of posts for weeks, months at a time and then have to edit and reedit them. I also need to stop my procrastination of posting til the end of the month. That makes for the dangerous going a month without posting anything.

Once again procrastination has forced me to do only one lousy post to this blog. I also haven't done much scanning. Including scanning an older yearbook I got way back in march that I haven't mentioned here or scanned. It has a cool article on Walter Johnson I was planning on mentioning, possibly reviewing. Dang it now I got to re-read that for a review. Big Heavy *sigh*

18 April 2016

Nats Gear: A Hat And A Shirt

Recently I made a purchase from the MLB.com Shop for some Nats Gear. I also bit the bullet for a custom Nationals jersey. I had been debating about it for sometime since I really didn't want to spend the amount that they charge for the custom jerseys let alone the prices for favorite player jerseys. This post is not about that it is about my other purchases. The custom jersey will have to wait for a later post.

The first is another hat to add to my Nats Hats collection. My total of Nationals and Senators hats now stands at 10 with 1 plastic "kids" batting helmet. I haven't made posts about those hats. A long time ago I had done a partial video about some of my Nats Hats Collection but the online service I had used deleted all my old videos there. I was really bummed. Anyway that is post fodder for some other time. For now let me get on with this post.

Here is my latest Nat Hat:
I wanted a green Curly W hat and really liked the Olive one. It is a darker Olive in real life than it originally looked online oh well. I think one of these days I might get a Kelly Green hat with the shamrock on the side as well. This hat is a fitted one, and has the MLB Logo on the back. I have some Nats Hats that are fitted but say "Nationals" on the back.

Next up is a baseball jersey/t-shirt J-Shirt? Shirsey? One of the 2/3 sleeve baseball jerseys.

Yes a retro Senators Shirt. I like both the blue and gray colors plus the old style Senators straight W logo.

The images I used are stock photos from the MLB Shop. I was too lazy to snap any pics on my own, plus the shirt is a bit too large to "scan" and scanning a hat doesn't work well either.

31 March 2016

Senators Singles: 1953 Topps Les Peden

1953 Topps Les Peden

Just in time to finally do a post for this month. Phew. OK got this card from a Sportlots auction back on 16 Jan 2016 for .75¢ + $1.99 shipping. I jumped at this one when I saw the auction, I think the seller called it a short print. I jumped on it for that plus I needed it. Sure I have the Team Reprint set. I need to scan the reprint and compare. D'oh!

1953 Topps Baseball - 256 Les Peden Senators
(Front and Back)

02 February 2016

Unintentional Double Purchase: 1963 Style


Here is one for the Oops Files. In one of my sportlots bidding sprees I purchased a card that it turns out I already had in my Zistle as owning. I didn't check first like I try to do to keep from doing this sort of thing. Yep I already own the card in I guess high very good condition. What lured me in was it is a RC and confusing the auction heading with another one that was marked as a "short print". Oh well it only cost me .25¢ I won two other auctions from that seller so I save some on shipping at least.

The card(s) came in a PWE with a Batman Forever Stamp.

I will mention the other two cards they were football  and the BatStamp again on my regular card blog but not here since they are not Curly W Cards they aren't even DC sports. Turns out the incoming copy (listed as "Sharp" in the auction) what I would call Excellent or Near Excellent is in better shape than the one I had. So it is an unintentional upgrade.

The card is 1963 Topps Baseball 69 Bud Zipfel Senators.

1963 Topps Baseball 69 Bud Zipfel - My Original copy on the left, replacement on right.
(Front and Back)

Here is my original copy front and back:

Followed by the replacement copy front and back:

So all was not lost.

31 January 2016

2013 Washington Nationals Media Guide

An Ebay Pickup from a while back (May 2015), been lazy with the scanning of things for ages:

Its the 2013 Washington Nationals Media Guide. The "yearbook" that covers the Nats 2012 Championship Season. Several franchise records were met or broken that year. Several players received awards and Skipper Davey Johnson won Manager of The Year. It was the Rookie year for Bryce "Homerin'" Harper.

I picked up my copy from Ebay for $5.99 plus $5.00 shipping not bad. The book is in excellent condition. I love it.

31 December 2015

A Couple of Infield Autos

A few weeks back I got a couple of auto cards from a seller on Sportlots from two auctions both for the opening .25¢ bid. I forget what the final postage was. Some of those dealers don't give much of a break on shipping. Anyway it wasn't until I logged them onto my Zistle and TradingCardDataBase lists (or attempted to) that I noticed one of the was not an "officially certified autograph". What the heck it looks close enough to real sigs I've seen of the player that I believe it to be a real in-person or through the mail auto.

First the "Unofficial Autograph" card. It is a 2007 Topps Turkey Red Baseball Chrome Gold Variant serial numbered to 1999 with an autograph signed on-card with a black sharpie. Card #127 Ryan Zimmerman.

 2007 Topps Turkey Red Baseball Gold 127 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
#d 0347/1999 w/black sharpie autograph "uncertified"
(Front and Back)

Next is a "Certified Autograph" 2011 Topps Chrome Baseball Certified Autograph Issue signed on-card in blue sharpie. Card #33 Danny Espinosa RC.
 2011 Topps Chrome Baseball Certified Autograph Issue
33 Danny Espinosa RC Nationals on-card autograph in blue sharpie
(Front and Back)

All the dust looking specks on the front of the cards is from the scanner glass. I didn't wipe it down before scanning.

For the Zimmerman front image I had to adjust the brightness/contrast some so I could see the auto on my computer. The chromeness of the gold foil doesn't scan well. Maybe I should have brightened up the Espinosa also.

30 November 2015

Bryce Harper Award Winner!

It is the end of the month again and I am fighting the clock again to get a post in before the month is over. This quickie is to give a shout-out to a couple of little awards that Bryce Harper snagged this year.
He got the Silver Slugger and the even more prestigious NL MVP Award. YES BRYCE! Haters gonna hate, let 'em.

Sorry no card images for this post.