02 December 2012

Five 1962 Post Senators

 1962 Post Cereal 65, 66, 67, 71 and 72 Senators (Fronts and Backs)

From Ebay I got a Five Pack of 1962 Post Washington Senators. The cost was relatively cheap $8.44 + $3.95 shipping. They all have nice straight edges. At one point they might have been "trimmed" to make the edges even straighter. I don't really care that much I don't plan on selling them. I won't say much about them except for one of them and my concern about it and possibly the rest.

1962 Post Cereal 65 Dale Long Senators

 1962 Post Cereal 66 Chuck Cottier Senators

It is a little hard to see in the scan but there is an oddity with Chuck's card. If you look carefully on the upper right of his head  you can make out a sort of square shape, that is from a piece of yellowed cellophane tape attempting to hold the corner on to the cardboard backing. Sigh! Maybe that one is a fake. If it is then maybe all five are fakes UGH. But why would someone try to fake these? They don't seem to be worth it. If it is a fake then it was made sometime ago as the tape is yellowed and the tape stain on the back of the paper is also yellowed. I really hope if is not counterfeit but if it is OH Well.

 1962 Post Cereal 67 Billy Klaus Senators

 1962 Post Cereal 71 Gene Woodling Senators

1962 Post Cereal 72 Gene Green Senators

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