31 May 2017

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2017 Topps Now card 83 images from FederalBaseball.com

On Tuesday 25 April, 2017 in game 2 in Colorado vs the Rockies young Nats shortstop Trea Turner hit for The Cycle. For those who are new to baseball and don't know what "hitting for the cycle" means; it is when a player hits a single, a double, a triple and a home run all in the same game. They do not have to be in order, that feat is rarer and is a "natural" cycle. It is the triple that is the most difficult hit to get. Trea is only the 3rd Modern National to hit the cycle, and the 9th Expos/Nats and the 11th DC player (Senator or National) to achieve this amazing feat. The last Nat to hit the cycle was Cristian Guzman 28 August 2008 and the first Nat to hit the cycle was Brad Wilkerson on 06 April 2005. Texas Rangers Carlos Gomez hit the cycle 4 days after Trea on the 29th of April 2017. It is his second cycle interestingly his first was for the other Ex-Senators team the Minnesota Twins on 07 May 2008.

2017 Topps Now card ODB-2 from Topps.com

Expos to hit for the cycle:
Tim Foli 22 Apr 1976 natural
Chris Speier 20 Jul 1978 (hit his 2nd for the San Francisco Giants on 09 Jul 1988)
Tim Raines 16 Aug 1987
Rondell White 11 Jun 1995
Brad Wilkerson 24 Jun 2003 natural (his first same franchise different team his second was as a Nat)
Vladimir Guerrero 14 Sep 2003

Nationals to hit for the cycle:
Brad Wilkerson 06 Apr 2005
Cristian Guzmann 28 Aug 2008
Trea Turner 24 Apr 2017

Senators to hit for the cycle:
Bill Hassamaer 13 Jun 1894
Ed Cartwright 30 Sep 1895
Bill Joyce 30 May 1896
Otis Clymer 02 Oct 1908
Goose Goslin 28 Aug 1924
Joe Cronin 02 Sep 1929 (his first, his second was for the Boston Red Sox on 02 Aug 1940)
Mickey Vernon 19 May 1946
Jim King 26 May 1964

Twins to hit for the cycle:
Rod Carew 20 May 1970
Cesar Tovar 19 Sep 1972
Larry Hisle 04 Jun 1976
Lyman Bostock 24 Jul 1976
Mike Cubbage 27 Jul 1978
Gary Ward 18 Sep 1980
Kirby Puckett 01 Aug 1986
Carlos Gomez 07 May 2008 (his first, his 2nd was for Texas Rangers on 29 Apr 2017)
Jason Kubel 17 Apr 2009
Michael Cuddyer 22 May 2009 (his first, his 2nd was for Colorado Rockies 17 Aug 2014)

Rangers to hit for the cycle:
Oddibe McDowell 23 Jul 1985
Mark Teixeira 17 Aug 2004
Gary Matthews Jr.  13 Sep 2006 natural
Ian Kinsler 15 Apr 2009
Bengie Molina 16 Jul 2010
Adrian Beltre 24 Aug 2012 (his second his first was for Seattle Mariners 01 Sep 2008 his 3rd is also with Rangers on 03 Aug 2015)
Alex Rios 23 Sep 2013
Shin-Soo Choo 21 Jul 2015
Adrian Beltre 03 Aug 2015 (third total 2nd as a Ranger. his first two are above)
Carlos Gomez 29 Apr 2017 (his second his first was for Minnesota Twins 07 May 2008)

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OK now let me show some REAL cards of Mr. Turner that I actually own. Actually I'll just show two since I can't find all of the ones I have. one I have already shown here, so to see the back of that one you'll have to Follow This link.

2016 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball: 64 Trea Turner

The other one I can show is a cool 3 color patch card. It looks much nicer in hand the gold scanned as black.

2015 Panini Elite Baseball: 17 Trea Turner Nationals
Future Threads 3 color patch (White, Blue, Red) No 10/25
Front and back

Video Treat: Queen Bicycle Race Video (Live)

Nationals/Senators mentioned in this post:
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Joe Cronin
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Cristian Guzmann
Trea Turner
Mickey Vernon
Brad Wilkerson

25 May 2017

Senators Singles: Signature Edition: 1965 Topps Roy Sievers

Signature Edition: 1965 Topps Roy Sievers

I have already mentioned this card on my regular blog for one of my "Strive For '65 Saturday" set build posts. Thus this is sort of a repeat post sort of. It is same post different blog. You can see the back of the card on that previous post.

1965 Topps Baseball: 574 Roy Sievers Signed on card in blue Sharpie.

I got the card from Ebay for $7.16 Free Shipping.