30 September 2023

Young Walk-Off Now

 From an Ebay seller located in nearby Potamac Maryland with a name that is the same as someone who works for my company in my office (except I don't know the middle name or initial of the guy at work). I didn't know the seller was so close until the Ebay Standard Envelope (a PWE in this case not a true Ebay SE) arrived with the return address. I don't think it is the guy from my office, the seller has an avatar with his picture (and some of his family) and it is not the same guy unless he was the photographer. The people in the avatar picture are lighter-weight and smaller than the guy in my office. The seller seems to mostly sell off his Nationals dupes. Any way the card I had to wait a little since it was a Tops Now card, but not too long.

The card 2023 Topps Now 826 Jacob Young Washington Nationals "Cracks 1st Career Walk-Off of his MLB Career".

2023 Topps Now 826 Jacob Young Washington Nationals

Wow my post from last month has 239 views a record for the first month of a post here.