31 May 2014

Check Out My Curly W Cards Mailday

On Thursday 01 May 2014: I received a small bubble envelope of cards. At first I thought it was some Dodgers cards I was expecting from a Sportlots auction which I eventually got around mid May I guess the dealer was a little lazy or another huge procrastinator. I was pleasantly surprised it was an All Curly W Cards order I from COMC (Check Out My Cards, Comics & Collectibles formerly Check Out My Cards). I used some of my store credit and I think I was double charged for shipping. The shipping was $3 since the order was too small to qualify for Free Shipping. You need to order $25 or more I think for that. I delayed marking the cards "ready to ship" and actually bought then at a couple of different times within a day or two of each other, then I requested shipping about a week later that is why I think I was charged twice for the shipping. Anyway the breakdown is 4 "cards", well 3 cards and 1 coin, 2 are vintage 2 are 2000s, 2 are Senators and 2 Nationals, 1 card is an on-sticker auto and there are only 3 different players (2 Senators and 1 National). The individual prices range from $1 to $4.25.

Onward to the Curly W Goodies:

2008 Upper Deck: Inkredible On Sticker Auto INK-RC Ryan Church Nationals blue sharpie. The most expensive card of the lot at $4.25
2008 Upper Deck Baseball: Inkredible INK-RC Ryan Church Nationals
On-Sticker Auto Blue Sharpie
(Front and Back)

2006 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor 71 Ryan Church Nationals 020/150 $1.00

2006 Bowman Chrome Baseball 71 Ryan Church Nationals
Blue Refractor 020/150
(Front and Back) 

1950 Bowman 160 Mickey Harris Senators $2.05

 1950 Bowman Baseball 160 Mickey Harris Senators
(Front and Back)

The Non-Card:
1971 Topps Coin 46 Ed Brinkman Senators $1.25

 1971 Topps Baseball Coin 46 Ed Brinkman Senators
(Front and Back)