30 September 2017

Senators Singles: Dick Hyde 1959 Topps

1959 Topps Dick Hyde

Once again I face the end of a month without having a single post. Forcing me to have a quick and dirty post. This card I got from a Sportlots auction for the minimum 25¢ opening bid. I vaguely mentioned this card in my latest Strive for '65 update on my regular card blog but didn't identify it.

Since this is a quick and dirty end of the month post I'll just show the card:

1959 Topps Baseball: 498 Dick Hyde

I also have Dick's 1960 Topps card at one time I think I had 3 or 4 of that card. I probably still have a dupe or two of that '60 card. Not sure but I know I have sent at least one to another collector.