27 February 2024

Happy Blogiverary To Curly W Cards



Today marks the 11th Blogiversary for "Curly W Cards". I think I might have missed posting last year for the 10th Blogiversary. OH Well. Ten years is 10 years.

As is my tradition I am timing this post to be published at the same time of day that my very first post on this blog was.

16 February 2024

Nats From 2015 Group Box Break Plus Bonus Strive Cards

This is an ancient post that has been sitting in my draft queue for several years. I was holding off on it because I wanted to post scans of the cards. Well in recent months I have been trying to declutter my apartment and trying to get my card collection in a better more organized state. That means that most of sections of cards from mail days have been moved around and are in some kind of pre-sort mode (or actually added to their respective places in the collection) and are not available to be scanned at publishing time. Plus I really need to declutter my draft queue. So there will be no card scans of this post. 

If this post were on my regular card blog it would be part of my upcoming Maildazed From The Pazt series. 

Monday 14 September 2015
I got a package of cards from 5TooSweet’s (Abel) TCC Baseball Group Box Break. [NOTE: Sadly Able passed away a few years back, I forget the cause may have been cancer] Anyway I bought my standard homie team Nationals and bought a bonus discount team Twins. It was mostly just my Nationals I might have asked not to send Twins base and they didn't get any hits. I’ll only mention a team if it is not a Nat card.

2015 Topps Baseball Chrome:
8 Denard Span
23 Stephen Strasburg
59 Kevin Kiermaier Rays (random)
81 Bryce Harper
98 Max Scherzer - minor refractor
99 Doug Fister
FUTURE STARS FSC-07 Michael Taylor

2015 Topps Stadium Club Baseball:
42 Jordan Zimmermann
137 Rondell White Expos
142 Anthony Rendon
202 Stephen Strasburg
222 Tanner Roark
251 Jayson Werth
296 Max Scherzer
CONTACT SHEET CS-22 Bryce Harper

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter:
28 Jayson Werth
101 Stephen Strasburg
106 Yunel Escobar
235 Michael Taylor RC
266 Drew Storen
303 Denard Span
MINI: A World Beneath Our Feet Bug-8 Death’s Head Hawkmoth

Cards for my struggling goal “Strive For ‘65”* set build: 7 Cards
1965 Topps Baseball:
26 Bobby Knoop Angels
32 Herman Franks MGR Giants
48 Claude Raymond Houston Colt 45’s
53 Dick McAuliffe Tigers
72 Tony Gonzalez Phillies
96 Sonny Siebert Indians
97 Pedro Gonzalez Yankees

* I haven't mentioned these 1965 cards on my regular blog yet. Eventually I guess they will be when I have completed the album page they are stored in. I'm behind in doing that as well. I have an upcoming post on my regular card blog about being unorganized.

Nationals mentioned in this post:
Yunel Escobar
Doug Fister
Bryce Harper
Anthony Rendon
Tanner Roark
Max Scherzer
Denard Span
Stephen Strasburg
Drew Storen
Michael Taylor
Jayson Werth
Jordan Zimmermann

31 January 2024

Another A&G With A Mini Me: Big Mini Unit Edition


Here is another mini parallel "mini me" post from the same group team box break that the last post on The Strass came from. With no fanfare here are the cards of The Big Unit and His Mini Unit (OK that doesn't sound quite right). First is the base card and then the A&G backed mini.

2023 Topps Allen & Ginter 26 Randy Johnson Montreal Expos

2023 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini A&G Back 26 Randy Johnson Montreal Expos