31 December 2022

A Soto Photo Plus

For Christmas my Oldest bro and his wife almost always include some Curly W stuff in the bag or box of gifts they give me. This year was no exception there were a few Nats memorabilia things in there. Sometimes they are silly nick nacks I would never by myself or even want and sometimes there are some real cool things that I have drooled over for ages. OK so maybe I haven't literally drooled over the thought of some of the memorabilia but you get the idea. This year one of the cool things was a Juan Soto T-Shirt a red one with The Nationals script a faux Juan Soto signature and the number 22, and This Photo from this past year's Home Run Derby that Juan Won. from Fanatics.

The photograph is 8" x 10" and for now I am keeping it in the plastic bag/packaging. I thought it was a resealable bag but it doesn't act like it. 

Here is my Tops Now card commemorating the event.

Since the photo isn't a card and I have already posted about the Topps Now card, here are some Juan Soto cards that I received for the baseball team box breaking group December break:

2022 Topps Baseball: Series 1: 150
2022 Topps Chrome Baseball: 129 ACK with those star things one the top and bottom edges this might be a stupid winterized version. Blah.

2021 Topps Chrome Baseball :1992 style: TC92-49

2021 Topps Finest Baseball: 7

2021 Panini Chronicles Obsidian Baseball: 37