02 February 2016

Unintentional Double Purchase: 1963 Style


Here is one for the Oops Files. In one of my sportlots bidding sprees I purchased a card that it turns out I already had in my Zistle as owning. I didn't check first like I try to do to keep from doing this sort of thing. Yep I already own the card in I guess high very good condition. What lured me in was it is a RC and confusing the auction heading with another one that was marked as a "short print". Oh well it only cost me .25¢ I won two other auctions from that seller so I save some on shipping at least.

The card(s) came in a PWE with a Batman Forever Stamp.

I will mention the other two cards they were football  and the BatStamp again on my regular card blog but not here since they are not Curly W Cards they aren't even DC sports. Turns out the incoming copy (listed as "Sharp" in the auction) what I would call Excellent or Near Excellent is in better shape than the one I had. So it is an unintentional upgrade.

The card is 1963 Topps Baseball 69 Bud Zipfel Senators.

1963 Topps Baseball 69 Bud Zipfel - My Original copy on the left, replacement on right.
(Front and Back)

Here is my original copy front and back:

Followed by the replacement copy front and back:

So all was not lost.