27 February 2012,
(Updated 20 August 2016)

Welcome to “Curly W Cards” my blog devoted to baseball cards and memorabilia related to the current Washington Nationals and the various earlier baseball clubs that called Washington D.C. their home.  Technically the “curly W” wasn’t developed until 1963 with the American League 1961 expansion team that was the second team to be called the Senators (The franchise would move to Texas to become the Rangers in late 1971) I plan to include cards and players from the earlier Senators and Nationals teams as well. I will occasionally mention or show cards from players from the Twins or Rangers who played for the Senators or who are connected to the DC teams in some way.  Since the current franchise was formally the Montreal Expos a few of those guys may appear from time to time as well. The main focus will be the DC based teams and the players from those teams.

At first I didn’t want to do yet another blog. I already have a personal non-card blog and another card blog. (Technically I have two card blogs one of them is associated with and attached to a trading card forum) Keeping up with one blog is work enough but two or three?

I sort of wanted to do a blog devoted to my homie sports teams. I then decided that concentrating just on the baseball would be good enough. I did a little looking around and didn’t see any card blogs devoted to the Nationals (there are plenty of blogs about the team but they are not CARD related), there are card blogs for most of the other MLB teams and some bloggers are casual fans of the Nationals or collect one of the team’s players, but nothing seemed to be just the Nats. I thought of a few different names to call the blog including “Washington Wax”, “DC Wax”, and “Washington Natators.” I finally came up with the name “Curly W Cards” and didn’t see that name being used. There is a “Curly W” blog but as I said it is not card related.

I will try to keep this up and going fairly regularly but it will not be one of these “Card-A-Day” type blogs.  I would be lucky enough to make it a “Card of the Month Club” type blog. I don’t have the digital stamina for a daily. Plus that requires a bit more time (a lot of it planning and pre-planning) than I have to devote to this undertaking. I probably shouldn’t do this one or most of my other projects. Occasionally posts on here might be duplicated on my other card blog, or that one will duplicate this one. I will try to update a minimum of once a week. For my regular blog I have done well with once a month and my other card blog I do in spurts so I haven’t been each and every month for that one.

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