18 October 2013

A Nacho Blogging Contest

Christopher of Nachos Grande El Bloggo is hosting a contest that sounds like real fun. I entered and due to the nature of the contest slots could fill up real fast so check it out and sign up now. It is one of those participation ones, not a trivia answering or random card choosing. One requirement is you need to have a blog, or start one for the contest.

I just pimped this on my regular card blog and now am pimping it here it sounds like so much fun.

11 October 2013

Frankly Friday: Milk Duds Yummy!

Moldy Milk Duds (Kidding) 1971 Slabbed Box
I have mentioned this gem from my collection before on my regular card blog but oddly not on here. I thought I had but apparently not. Some of this FF post will be a repeat.

This nice oddball gem was actually my first purchased graded card (received 15 December 2009 for $10.00). Actually it is my only purchased graded card as the other two I have were gifts, well it's more card plus memorabilia because it is a 1971 Milk Duds Baseball FULL BOX Frank Howard Washington Senators Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) Graded EX-5 The Milk Duds set is unnumbered. Alphabetically this is card #9 (69 in the set)- PSA slab has it marked #1 - the # 1 on the box is for the box code not the card number as all the boxes seem to be numbered 1.

 1971 Milk Duds Complete Box PSA Graded Ex 5
No Number Frank Howard Senators
(Front and Back)

When I was a Kid I had some of the Milk Duds cards, I don't recall which ones. I probably got rid of them because they were "hand cut" and thus "destroyed", or my mom did the stereotypical "threw them out". She did that more so with my oldest brother. Little did I know back then, whenever that was, that I would later like to get some more of these in the Complete Box. Not necessarily graded versions. Due to prices of these things, especially the big stars I can't afford to get all of them in graded form.