30 June 2023

Alex Call Walk Off Now

 All right boys and girls it is time again to reach into the semi-recent Topps Now cards to show off one from this season from a few weeks back. This month's post is about a game from 04 May 2023 at home vs The Chicago Cubs. Bottom the ninth game is tied 3-3 Lead off batter Alex Call on the first pitch hits his first career walk-off homer. Home Team Good Guys Nats win 4-3 and take the series 3-1.

Alex Call 1st Career Walk-Off Homer

The card:

2023 Topps Now Baseball - 234 Alex Call Washington Nationals

Topps has been disappointing me with these Topps Now cards that just have a picture on the back and give no details about the game or event celebrated on the card. I still like them but jeez give us more info Topps, it is Topps NOW not Topps Whenever. The card makes no mention of who the Nats were playing. Alex and the other players in the home whites tell it was a home game and the walk off indicates they were either tied or behind at the start of the bottom of the ninth. I had to double check to see which batter and pitch it was, turns out he was the lead-off and it was on the first pitch. Makes it that much more exciting for us fans.