21 May 2015

Players List Previously A Static Page

THIS WAS A STATIC PAGE but it is very difficult to keep it constantly updated. So I decided to dump it but am converting it to a simple post. I have had a similar page in the works that was an attempt at an all time IN DC Roster. Not sure how I'll handle the updating of that. I have had it as a draft for a long time on this blog.

Here are the Senators and Nationals that I tend to "super" collect of course I also collect the other guys on the team, but these are the players I concentrate on getting more often (some more than others). I know it's a very long list. Players from the 1960s and '70s that I had one card of I tended to add to my all-teams "super" collecting list, if I recognized a player's name I collected him. Some of them only played on the Nationals (or Senators) one season or less, but they played in a Curly W cap (or straight laced W if pre'63 Senators). I may have missed a few, but they get caught in the Team collecting. I try to collect the transition players who were Senators to Twins or Rangers or Expos to Nationals.I super collect some of the Twins, Rangers and Expos players. I usually don't count guys who never wore a Washington uniform on this list. Many of those guys played in the no Washington Team era of 1972-2004. Some of these guys on this list of course could be one carders. I haven't checked on that yet but with the way today's card industry makes 1,000s of cards every year of each current player perhaps some of these one card guys have a chance of having another card made up.

Ted Abernathy - Sens (1955-1957, 1960)
Manny Acta - Nats (MG 2007-2009)
Hank Allen - Sens (1966-1970)
Brant Alyea - Sens (1965-1969)
Tony Armas Jr. - Expos/Nats (1999/-2006)

Mike Bacsik- Nats (2007)
Ronnie Belliard - Nats (2007-2009)
Dick Bosman - Sens/Rangers(1966-1971/-1973)
Ed Brinkman - Sens (1961-1970)
Jeff Burroughs - Sens/Rangers (1970/-1976)
Marlon Byrd - Nats (2005-2006)

Jamey Carroll - Expos/Nats (2002/-2005)
Paul Cassanova - Sens (1965-1971)
Vinnie Castilla - Expos/Nats (2005)
Ryan Church - Expos/Nats (2004/-2007)
Tyler Clippard - Nats (2008-2014)
Wayne Comer - Sens (1970)
Chad "The Chief" Cordero - Expos/Nats (2003/-2008)
Casey Cox - Sens (1966/-1972)

Ian Desmond - Nats (2009-Present)
Adam Dunn - Nats (2009-2010)

Mike Epstein - Sens (1967-1971)
Danny Espinosa - Nats (2010-Present)

Curt Flood - Sens (1971)
Jesus Flores - Nats (2007-2012)

Bill Gogolewski - Sens/Rangers (1970/-1973)
Gregg Goosen - Sens (1970)
Gio Gonzalez - Nats (2012-Present)
Cristian Guzman - Nats (2005-2010)

Jerry Hairston Jr. - Nats (2011)
Ron Hansen - Sens (1968)
Bryce Harper - Nats (2012-Present)
Ken Harrelson -Sens (1966-1967)
Shawn Hill - Expos/Nats (2004/-2008)
Chuck Hinton - Sens (1961-1964)
Ed Hobaugh - Sens (1961-1963)
Frank Howard - Sens/Rangers (1965/-1972)

Nick Johnson - Expos/Nats (2004/-2009)
Walter Johnson - Sens (1907-1927 - MG 1929-1932)

Austin Kearns - Nats (2006-2009)
Jim King - Sens (1961-1967)
Willie Kirkland - Sens (1964-1966)
Ron Kline - Sens (1963-1966)
Darold Knowles - Sens (1967-1971)

Ryan Langerhans - Nats (2007-2008)
Don Leppert - Sens (1963-1964)
Paul Lindblad - Sens/Rangers (1971/-1972)
Dick Lines - Sens (1966-1967)
Don Lock - Sens (1962-1966)
Paul Lo Duca - Nats (2008)
Nook Logan - Nats (2006-2007)
Felipe Lopez - Nats (2006-2008)

Elliott Maddox - Sens/Rangers (1971/-1973)
Lee Maye - Sens (1969-1970)
Joe McClain - Sens (1961-1962)
Mike McCormick - Sens (1965-1966)
Tommy McCraw - Sens (1971)
Denny McLain - Sens (1971)
Don Mincher - Sens/Twins/Sens/Rangers (1960/-1966, 1971/-1972)
Michael Morse - Nats (2009-2012)

Dave Nelson - Sens/Rangers (1970/-1975)
Wil Nieves - Nats (2008-2010)
Laynce Nix - Nats (2011)

Scott Olsen - Nats (2009-2010)
Claude Osteen - Sens (1961-1964)

Camilo Pascual - Sens/Twins/Sens (1954/-1966/1967-1969)

Wilson Ramos- Nats (2010-Present)
Jon Rauch - Expos/Nats (2004-/2008)
Frank Robinson - Expos/Nats (MG 2002/-2006)
Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez - Nats (2010-2011)
Don Rudolph - Sens (1962-1964)

Brian Schneider - Expos/Nats (2000/-2007)
Diego Segui - Sens (1966)
Jim Shellenback - Sens/Rangers (1969/-1974)
Roy Sievers - Sens (1954-1959/1964-1965)
Alphonso Soriano - Nats (2006)
Randy St. Claire - Expos/Nats (Pitching Coach 2003/-2009)
Stephen Strasburg - Nats (2010-Present)
R.C. Stevens - Sens (1961)
Dick Such - Sens (1970)
Kurt Suzuki - Nats (2012-2013)

Del Unser - Sens (1968-1971)

Brad Wilkerson - Expos-Nats (2001/-2005)
Ted Williams - Sens/Rangers (MG 1969/-1972)
Josh Willingham - Nats (2009-2010)
Preston Wilson - Nats (2005)
Gene Woodling - Sens (1961-1962)

Don Zimmer - Sens (1963-1965)
Ryan Zimmerman - Nats (2005-Present)
Jordan Zimmermann - Nats (2009-Present)

Links to Franchise All-Time Rosters via wikipedia:
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15 May 2015

Frankly Friday: Frankly Friday Logo Details

Frankly Friday: The Key To The Logo

I should have done this a very long time ago. In case anyone was stumped on any of the cards that are shown in the logo that heads each episode of Frankly Friday. Since it is a scattered collage there are no real organized rows but fortunately the way they are laid out I can make three reasonably facsimile rows. There are a few of these cards that are not shown individually yet. Those cards I haven't yet mentioned on this blog. Hopefully I will fix that problem soon. When I do I will update this post. Normally I don't like posting incomplete posts or pages but I wanted to get this one out.

Row 1:

Row 2:

1961 Topps Baseball: 280 Frank Howard Dodgers

1969 Topps Baseball: Decals: 18 Frank Howard Senators

1965 Topps Baseball: 120 Frank Robinson Reds

1969 Milton Bradley Game Card: 120 Frank Howard Senators

Row 3:

1970 Milton Bradley Game Card: Frank Howard Senators

1962 Topps Baseball: Frank Howard Dodgers
1965 Topps Baseball: Back 40 Frank Howard Dodgers

Most, but not all of these cards have been mentioned previously on Hill Street Blues er this blog. Usually as a Frankly Friday Episode.