31 May 2020

Blast From The Past: Nationals 2005 Inaugural Season Pocket Schedule

Here is a blast from the past. I stumbled upon these while looking for something to blog about this month. Well today the last day of the month. Once again I am cutting things a little short.

Since the schedule for this particular season has been royally messed up by the virus thing I decided to show the pocket schedule for the Nationals 2005 Inaugural Season that was distributed by McDonald's.

I got two of these I think from Ebay for like five bucks. They fold up to about the size of a standard trading card and unfold to 6 panels that are approx. 12 and 3/4 inches so it didn't quite fit my 12" x 9" flatbed scanner. UGH. Here are all the panels as the scanned parts the first 5 panels of a side followed by the final panel. As you can see the "front" with the Nats logo is the first panel followed by the "back" McDonald's logo panel.

I then quickly "combined" the sixth panel to the other five to give the illusion of how it looks in hand. I didn't bother matching them up perfectly mostly because I didn't have the time to do that since this was a quick "OH I can blog about this" decision. Hey you might have gotten some 2018 Topps Now card of Bryce Harper. Here is the mock "in hand" images.

Pretty Neat Huh? OK Phillies fans maybe next month I'll get around to the Harpers I haven't shown yet. Don't be disappointed if I don't.