31 December 2015

A Couple of Infield Autos

A few weeks back I got a couple of auto cards from a seller on Sportlots from two auctions both for the opening .25¢ bid. I forget what the final postage was. Some of those dealers don't give much of a break on shipping. Anyway it wasn't until I logged them onto my Zistle and TradingCardDataBase lists (or attempted to) that I noticed one of the was not an "officially certified autograph". What the heck it looks close enough to real sigs I've seen of the player that I believe it to be a real in-person or through the mail auto.

First the "Unofficial Autograph" card. It is a 2007 Topps Turkey Red Baseball Chrome Gold Variant serial numbered to 1999 with an autograph signed on-card with a black sharpie. Card #127 Ryan Zimmerman.

 2007 Topps Turkey Red Baseball Gold 127 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
#d 0347/1999 w/black sharpie autograph "uncertified"
(Front and Back)

Next is a "Certified Autograph" 2011 Topps Chrome Baseball Certified Autograph Issue signed on-card in blue sharpie. Card #33 Danny Espinosa RC.
 2011 Topps Chrome Baseball Certified Autograph Issue
33 Danny Espinosa RC Nationals on-card autograph in blue sharpie
(Front and Back)

All the dust looking specks on the front of the cards is from the scanner glass. I didn't wipe it down before scanning.

For the Zimmerman front image I had to adjust the brightness/contrast some so I could see the auto on my computer. The chromeness of the gold foil doesn't scan well. Maybe I should have brightened up the Espinosa also.

30 November 2015

Bryce Harper Award Winner!

It is the end of the month again and I am fighting the clock again to get a post in before the month is over. This quickie is to give a shout-out to a couple of little awards that Bryce Harper snagged this year.
He got the Silver Slugger and the even more prestigious NL MVP Award. YES BRYCE! Haters gonna hate, let 'em.

Sorry no card images for this post.

31 October 2015

Teddy Ballgame 1969 Style

1969 Topps Baseball: Ted Williams

Here is a quickie to make my monthly quota of one post a month. I was in a rush so I didn't come up with anything interesting to say about this card:

 1969 Topps Baseball 650 Ted Williams Senators
(Front and Back)

30 September 2015

September Slump and Slide: Second Place Edition

Well September has slipped and slid into a super soaked slump for the Second Place Washington Nationals. As of tonight 30 Sept 2015 they only have 80 wins and have 4 more games to play. The final 3 games being in NY against the First Place Mets. If the Nats can win at least one more game to finish 81-81 I'll be happy, if they manage two wins by avoiding getting swept by Atlanta and winning at least one game vs. The Mets I'll be happier. If they lose the remaining 4 games I'll be really upset.

Who knows how the team would have finished 2015 if we still had a manager like this:

 1969 Topps Baseball 650 Ted Williams Mgr
(Front and Back)

and perhaps had this guy pitching every 5th day:

 1994 Ted Williams Baseball 89 Walter Johnson
(Front and Back)

This guy at Shortstop:
 1968 Topps Baseball 49 Ed Brinkman
(Front and Back)

with this slugger:
 1960 Topps Baseball 210 Harmon Killebrew
(Front and Back)

We might have won a few more games.

16 August 2015

Senators Singles: Roy Sievers

1956 Topps Roy Sievers

I'm feeling a little down since the Nats have fallen solidly into second place behind the Mets. It looks like it may be the way the season ends with no Post-Season joy, they are too far behind in the wild card race. To cheer myself up a little I'll stare at this vintage Curly W Card for the rest of the evening.

 1956 Topps 75 Roy Sievers (Front and Back)

14 July 2015

It Is Good To Be First

#1 At All-Star Break

It is always nice to be in the lead. There are sometimes when it is even more fun. Obviously being number one in your team's division at the end of the season is the goal for every team, but it is also fun to be number one when the league takes the mid-season break in regular play for the All-Star game.

For the Nationals 10th Anniversary Season,(11th season as the Washington Nationals) they are once again first in the NL East division at the All-Star break. 

Now this is a fun time and I am always excited when the team is in first place at this time, however, some years they were in this position but the season took a nosedive. The Nationals Inaugural Season in 2005 is a most excellent example of how things can go south. That first Curly W year for the Franchise didn't finish nearly as well as it had began or was at the midway point. The Nats finished in last place (5th) with a .500 record 81 wins 81 losses. They would spend many years finishing last in the division no matter where they had placed during the All-Star Break.

I remember the excitement I had at the beginning of the 2005 season. Baseball was back in DC for the first time in 33 years. I have always been a Senators fan, but have very little memories of their actual time here. I was 6 in 1971 the last year of the Senators. Most of my early memories of the Senators was what I saw on my baseball cards and whatever memorabilia was sitting around our house. It would be many years before I would watch a major league game since I didn't have a "homie" team anymore. Well all that changed in 2005 with the Nationals "rebirth".

I'm not going to make any bold predictions like saying the Nationals will win the World Series, although that would be very nice, very nice indeed. Provided that their starting pitchers continue to do well and stay healthy and the rest of the team that can stay healthy remains so (some players Like Jason Werth are out for the season with injuries) they should at least make the playoffs. I'd love them to be in first place still or again at that point. There are no guarantees as the Nationals and other teams in their division have shown several times a team in first place at the All-Star break can very well lose all direction and dive down to finish in last place. I hope the Nationals continue with the trend of recent years by staying at the top or near enough to reach the playoffs, not the trend they had 10 years ago of being at the top at the beginning and then finishing just even and at the bottom.

05 June 2015

Frankly Friday: All Star 1968 Style

1968 All-Star Frank Robinson

I'm in too much of a rush and a little tired to do any big explanation for this one. I think this was an Ebay purchase. I'm not sure and don't really mind that. It is one of the cards on the Frankly Friday Logo Key I posted last episode. It already has a thumbnail on that post so it needs its own full post and this is it.
1968 Topps Baseball 373 Frank Robinson All-Star Orioles
(Front and Back)

21 May 2015

Players List Previously A Static Page

THIS WAS A STATIC PAGE but it is very difficult to keep it constantly updated. So I decided to dump it but am converting it to a simple post. I have had a similar page in the works that was an attempt at an all time IN DC Roster. Not sure how I'll handle the updating of that. I have had it as a draft for a long time on this blog.

Here are the Senators and Nationals that I tend to "super" collect of course I also collect the other guys on the team, but these are the players I concentrate on getting more often (some more than others). I know it's a very long list. Players from the 1960s and '70s that I had one card of I tended to add to my all-teams "super" collecting list, if I recognized a player's name I collected him. Some of them only played on the Nationals (or Senators) one season or less, but they played in a Curly W cap (or straight laced W if pre'63 Senators). I may have missed a few, but they get caught in the Team collecting. I try to collect the transition players who were Senators to Twins or Rangers or Expos to Nationals.I super collect some of the Twins, Rangers and Expos players. I usually don't count guys who never wore a Washington uniform on this list. Many of those guys played in the no Washington Team era of 1972-2004. Some of these guys on this list of course could be one carders. I haven't checked on that yet but with the way today's card industry makes 1,000s of cards every year of each current player perhaps some of these one card guys have a chance of having another card made up.

Ted Abernathy - Sens (1955-1957, 1960)
Manny Acta - Nats (MG 2007-2009)
Hank Allen - Sens (1966-1970)
Brant Alyea - Sens (1965-1969)
Tony Armas Jr. - Expos/Nats (1999/-2006)

Mike Bacsik- Nats (2007)
Ronnie Belliard - Nats (2007-2009)
Dick Bosman - Sens/Rangers(1966-1971/-1973)
Ed Brinkman - Sens (1961-1970)
Jeff Burroughs - Sens/Rangers (1970/-1976)
Marlon Byrd - Nats (2005-2006)

Jamey Carroll - Expos/Nats (2002/-2005)
Paul Cassanova - Sens (1965-1971)
Vinnie Castilla - Expos/Nats (2005)
Ryan Church - Expos/Nats (2004/-2007)
Tyler Clippard - Nats (2008-2014)
Wayne Comer - Sens (1970)
Chad "The Chief" Cordero - Expos/Nats (2003/-2008)
Casey Cox - Sens (1966/-1972)

Ian Desmond - Nats (2009-Present)
Adam Dunn - Nats (2009-2010)

Mike Epstein - Sens (1967-1971)
Danny Espinosa - Nats (2010-Present)

Curt Flood - Sens (1971)
Jesus Flores - Nats (2007-2012)

Bill Gogolewski - Sens/Rangers (1970/-1973)
Gregg Goosen - Sens (1970)
Gio Gonzalez - Nats (2012-Present)
Cristian Guzman - Nats (2005-2010)

Jerry Hairston Jr. - Nats (2011)
Ron Hansen - Sens (1968)
Bryce Harper - Nats (2012-Present)
Ken Harrelson -Sens (1966-1967)
Shawn Hill - Expos/Nats (2004/-2008)
Chuck Hinton - Sens (1961-1964)
Ed Hobaugh - Sens (1961-1963)
Frank Howard - Sens/Rangers (1965/-1972)

Nick Johnson - Expos/Nats (2004/-2009)
Walter Johnson - Sens (1907-1927 - MG 1929-1932)

Austin Kearns - Nats (2006-2009)
Jim King - Sens (1961-1967)
Willie Kirkland - Sens (1964-1966)
Ron Kline - Sens (1963-1966)
Darold Knowles - Sens (1967-1971)

Ryan Langerhans - Nats (2007-2008)
Don Leppert - Sens (1963-1964)
Paul Lindblad - Sens/Rangers (1971/-1972)
Dick Lines - Sens (1966-1967)
Don Lock - Sens (1962-1966)
Paul Lo Duca - Nats (2008)
Nook Logan - Nats (2006-2007)
Felipe Lopez - Nats (2006-2008)

Elliott Maddox - Sens/Rangers (1971/-1973)
Lee Maye - Sens (1969-1970)
Joe McClain - Sens (1961-1962)
Mike McCormick - Sens (1965-1966)
Tommy McCraw - Sens (1971)
Denny McLain - Sens (1971)
Don Mincher - Sens/Twins/Sens/Rangers (1960/-1966, 1971/-1972)
Michael Morse - Nats (2009-2012)

Dave Nelson - Sens/Rangers (1970/-1975)
Wil Nieves - Nats (2008-2010)
Laynce Nix - Nats (2011)

Scott Olsen - Nats (2009-2010)
Claude Osteen - Sens (1961-1964)

Camilo Pascual - Sens/Twins/Sens (1954/-1966/1967-1969)

Wilson Ramos- Nats (2010-Present)
Jon Rauch - Expos/Nats (2004-/2008)
Frank Robinson - Expos/Nats (MG 2002/-2006)
Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez - Nats (2010-2011)
Don Rudolph - Sens (1962-1964)

Brian Schneider - Expos/Nats (2000/-2007)
Diego Segui - Sens (1966)
Jim Shellenback - Sens/Rangers (1969/-1974)
Roy Sievers - Sens (1954-1959/1964-1965)
Alphonso Soriano - Nats (2006)
Randy St. Claire - Expos/Nats (Pitching Coach 2003/-2009)
Stephen Strasburg - Nats (2010-Present)
R.C. Stevens - Sens (1961)
Dick Such - Sens (1970)
Kurt Suzuki - Nats (2012-2013)

Del Unser - Sens (1968-1971)

Brad Wilkerson - Expos-Nats (2001/-2005)
Ted Williams - Sens/Rangers (MG 1969/-1972)
Josh Willingham - Nats (2009-2010)
Preston Wilson - Nats (2005)
Gene Woodling - Sens (1961-1962)

Don Zimmer - Sens (1963-1965)
Ryan Zimmerman - Nats (2005-Present)
Jordan Zimmermann - Nats (2009-Present)

Links to Franchise All-Time Rosters via wikipedia:
1891-1899 Senators: All-Time Roster
1901-1960 Nationals/Senators/Twins 1961-Present: All-Time Roster (Senators/Twins)
1912 Senators: United States Baseball League
1961-1971 Senators/Rangers 1972-Present: All-Time Roster (Senators/Rangers)
1969-2004 Expos /Nationals 2005-Present: All-Time Roster (Expos/Nationals).

15 May 2015

Frankly Friday: Frankly Friday Logo Details

Frankly Friday: The Key To The Logo

I should have done this a very long time ago. In case anyone was stumped on any of the cards that are shown in the logo that heads each episode of Frankly Friday. Since it is a scattered collage there are no real organized rows but fortunately the way they are laid out I can make three reasonably facsimile rows. There are a few of these cards that are not shown individually yet. Those cards I haven't yet mentioned on this blog. Hopefully I will fix that problem soon. When I do I will update this post. Normally I don't like posting incomplete posts or pages but I wanted to get this one out.

Row 1:

Row 2:

1961 Topps Baseball: 280 Frank Howard Dodgers

1969 Topps Baseball: Decals: 18 Frank Howard Senators

1965 Topps Baseball: 120 Frank Robinson Reds

1969 Milton Bradley Game Card: 120 Frank Howard Senators

Row 3:

1970 Milton Bradley Game Card: Frank Howard Senators

1962 Topps Baseball: Frank Howard Dodgers
1965 Topps Baseball: Back 40 Frank Howard Dodgers

Most, but not all of these cards have been mentioned previously on Hill Street Blues er this blog. Usually as a Frankly Friday Episode.

22 April 2015

Pardon My Dust

I've noticed that some of my static pages here are grossly outdated and/or are trying some unobtainable goal/wish. So I will be making some cosmetic changes. i.e. I will remove some of the pages in question. This won't change the blog appearance much. Just that the tabs at the top will be fewer.

22 March 2015

I'm Seeing Purple

OK so last post (Frankly Friday: Brightening A Rainbow) I mentioned that I had gotten another card with it for $7.99 and I would show the card sometime later. Well it's Later!

I got this card for several reasons, obviously because of the team and it should be obvious because of the player. I'll mention another reason or two after showing it:

2005 Upper Deck Reflections Baseball: Future Reflections
223 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals Purple Parallel #d 67/99
(Front and Back)

Ain't this a sweet looking card? First believe me that the front is the same purple color as on the back. The scan makes it look blue I think it may be a combination of my scanner settings and just the way these flashy shinny chromie cards naturally scan. Now the other reasons I got this card I thought it was real cool. It is serial numbered, although I wish the number was more meaningful to me. 67 isn't much of a meaningful number to me. Also check out Ryan's jersey number. Yep it's 25 his Rookie Year Jersey number. After his rookie season Ryan took number 11.

20 March 2015

Frankly Friday: Brightening A Rainbow

Brightening A Rainbow: 2008 Donruss Threads Edition

Huh? I thought I only needed the Auto for this rainbow since I wasn't going for any of the relics, well maybe if there is a bat relic...any who I found this for a real good price on da Bay and couldn't resist for the obvious reasons: It's Hondo, I've got a taste of the Rainbow, Its a cool card and its serial numbered. So there you have it. I got it from Ebay along with another Curly W Card. Shipping was $4.50 for the pair this was the cheaper card for only $1.99. The other a card was a bit steeper at $7.99. I won't bother you with the other card just yet, that is for another non-Frankly post.

So yeah for Two Bucks I picked up a variation of the 2008 Donruss Threads Frank Howard Rainbow. The Century Proof Gold serial numbered to 50. I think there is only the auto to get, and maybe one of the relics. I'm not big into relics but I'd rather have a bat sliver than a jersey swatch so I might look out for that.

2008 Donruss Threads Century Proof Gold - 50 Frank Howard Senators #d 12/50
(Front and Back)

Here is what I have so far with this rainbow:
 2008 Donruss Threads 50 Frank Howard Rainbow: Base, Green Century Proof (#d/250), Silver Century Proof (#d/100), Gold Century Proof (#d/50)

For my rainbow I'm going to skip the jerseys but there is still the Platinum Century Proof #d/25, and if they made them for Frank Signatures Gold #d/999 or less, Signatures Platinum #d/25 or less, Bat Relic #d/500 or less. So I need anywhere from just one more to four more cards for this rainbow out of a possible 6 more cards.