31 October 2021

Grandstand Harrisburg Senators 2010 Team Set

2010 Grandstand Harrisburg Senators Team Set 
(shown sealed)

Here is a team set I acquired from Ebay (about 2 weeks ago) for 14 bucks plus 4 shipping brand new still sealed in the original clear cello-plastic wrapper. In past years I might have tried to find 2 sets, one to keep sealed and one to open up and "show off". Note due to many reasons I don't "show off" my collection or display it, I just basically "store" my collection. Now days I don't bother with the 1 to keep sealed and 1 for the "collection" although I did that years ago with the 2005 Topps Washington Nationals Commemorative Box Set

Any way the set is the Minor League farm Team Set of the 2010 Harrisburg Senators by Grandstand. It is a 28 card set. It includes the Manager (Randy Knorr (Front Card)), Both the Hitting and Pitching coaches (Troy Gingrich, Randy Tomlin) and the Trainer (Alsushi Toriida (Back Card)). Key player cards and Notable Nats are: Stephen Strasburg, Drew Storen, Matt Chico, Danny Espinosa Jhonatan Solano, and Chris Marrero.

The design is nice and reminiscent of a 1990s Fleer or Upper Deck card.   

Here is the team set shown in order as they were packed.

Here are the backs of the Notable players and the coaches (Atsushi Toriida the Trainer card back is shown above as the back of the sealed pack.)