31 August 2017

Ed Brinkman

 Ed Brinkman - (2, 38) 11
Senators 1961 - 1970
I have a confession to make even though as a kid I was a Senators fan, I didn't follow the team or baseball too closely in the way that sports fans usually do, or that I do today. I was more into football to be honest.  Even then not really until I was 6 or 7. Another big factor was I was only 6 when the Senators (2.0) left DC for Texas. I was a kid I didn't know the number of home runs any of the players had hit, or what their batting percentages were, or how many games a pitcher had won during a season. I still don't know those things by heart, but I do keep up with whatever is current for the Nationals. So the only thing I knew about Mr. Brinkman back then was that he was a player for the Washington Senators that was good enough for me (and that was probably only because I had a card or two of his). Had I known how good a defense man he was I probably would have paid more attention maybe. Then again I was a little kid and things like baseball stats mean very little to some kids.

As usual I try not to ramble on and on about any one player during these posts, just enough to get some interest and maybe give me some time to figure out which cards to show. So here are the cards.

I'll start things off with one of the first few Senators cards I remember owning that is also one of the cards I think of automatically when I hear his name. 1968  Topps 49A Ed Brinkman Senators (Team Name in White, I need the yellow team name variant 49B) .

1968 Topps Baseball 49 Ed Brinkman Senators
Team name in white letters

Bonus Card: When I think of the 1968 Topps set the main card I think of and associate with that particular set just happens to be the card that numerically follows Mr. Brinkman's card. Number 50 Willie Mays Giants. This card I think was also among some of my first cards I ever owned, and for a long time the only Willie Mays card I owned until the 1972 Topps Mays came along that year. I also think that this card had originally been my brother's.

 1968 Topps Baseball 50 Willie Mays Giants

There doesn't seem to be many of Ed's cards that I did own back in the late 60s early 70s. I'm not even sure if  I had this 1970 Topps card back then or not.

1970 Topps Baseball: 711 Ed Brinkman Senators

On one of my sportlots splurges that included some of the Ed Brinkman cards I needed including the 1966 Topps #251 for .35¢ of course then I found I already had it, Duh its even in my logo picture for this blog. D'oh! I didn't think I had it because I had not recorded it in my Zistle collection. That was before the Beckett buy-out of Zistle.

1966 Topps Baseball: 251 Ed Brinkman Senators

Here are some more of Ed's Senators cards:

1963 Topps Baseball: 479 Ed Brinkman RC Senators

1967 Topps Baseball: 311 Ed Brinkman Senators

1969 Topps Baseball: 153 Ed Brinkman Senators

Some of Ed's Post-Senators cards I didn't have back in the day, or don't remember having them back then. I do admit there was one time as a kid where I did a huge purge of cards. I think most of them were cards I had defaced with a HUGE black magic markered "K" to identify it was my card and not my brother's card, or miscut cards. Stupid stupid stupid. Marking the card AND tossing cards back then. I don't know how many cards I tossed back then in that one time purge I just recall sitting on the floor of the dinning room near the border of the dinning room/living room with a black (or very dark green) garbage bag. I also recall many many 1970 Topps Baseball cards going in there.

1971 Topps Baseball: 389 Ed Brinkman Tigers

I also have the Topps 1974, 1975 and 1975 mini Ed Brinkman cards from his years with the Tigers, but I didn't scan those. I have shown my 1971 Topps Coin of Ed here. I also have Ed's photo from a lot of 8 photos circa 1970 portrait picture that is a the top of this post. It seems to be from the 12 photos 1970 Team issued Picture Pack. Their photos match those but as I described in the earlier post my copies are yellowed newspaper print paper not regular photo stock that I think those would have been issued on. Thus they remain on my Mystery to Me static page.
On Deck: Ryan Church - (38), 19
In The Hole: Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez - 7