28 February 2022

A Solo Soto Or Have I Used This Title Before?

This month I was going to post about a batch/ lot of cards that I had gotten from the monthly Group Box Break I am a part of where I am in with The Nats. However as usual I kept procrastinating and putting things off and it would involved a lot of scanning that I didn't want to do. So here is just a Solo card from Juan Soto from that batch. It is an insert from the 2021 Topps Baseball Set from the 1952 Topps Redux Insert Set.. A retro insert set of 50 cards using top modern players in the style of the famous 1952 Topps Baseball design. I like when they do these I'd rather they do them here than in the Archives sets. I also like the Heritage sets which are from 49 years ago. With Archives they overuse all the designs so I would rather they do this.

2021 Topps Baseball - 2952 Topps Baseball Redux
T52-9 Juan Soto Washington Nationals