30 September 2021

2021 Downer Of A Season



The 2021 Nationals Season goes down as a big Loss. Not so much a HUGE loss of a season but still pretty much a downer. At least we didn't lose 100 or more games. Kind of close though as of this post the Nats have lost 94 games and 3 more to play. A final 3 game home series vs Boston.

I forget when it became apparent that this would be a losing season, but it was early enough that the Nats had a July Trade Deadline Fire Sale that I posted about last month. Seems like a year or more ago since we traded away Mad Max Scherzer and Treacycle Turner (now he's making smooth slides home for the Dodgers) but it has only been 2 months. At one point it looked like we might have gone into a 100 loss or more season. Fortunately this team wasn't THAT Bad, close very close though too close for any sort of comfort though. If they blow this last series the total losses will be 97 Yuck. 

Anyway here is the card from the top of this post the right way around. It is the 2021 Topps Washington Nationals Team Card. Sigh I miss the old days when A Team Card was a group photo of the full team sitting on the stadium bleachers or on a special set of risers made for the photo shoot.

2021 Topps Baseball 58 Washington Nationals Team Card