24 June 2022

A Trio Of Curly W Cards From A Sportlots Splurge (and Ebay).

 From Sportlots I recently went on a Strive For '65 Splurge and bought cards from other years including 2 Curly W cards in this post of 3 cards. The third card I got from Ebay I'll start with that one.

The first card is from Topps Now that I got from Ebay. It is 2022 Topps Now Baseball 73 Joan Adon First Career Win with 6.1 Scoreless Innings. Of course by the time I got this card Adon was Assigned to the Minors (Rochester Red Wings) the day before.

2022 Topps Now Baseball 72 Joan Adon WashingtonNationals

Next we have a card that finishes my 2022 Topps Baseball Series 1 Washington Nationals Team Set (minus the 2 Juan Soto photo variant SPs that I might never get) 2022 Topps Baseball 59 NL Batting Average Leaders: Trea Turner Dodgers, Juan Soto Nationals and Bryce Harper Phillies. 

2022 Topps Baseball 59 NL Batting Average Leaders:
Trea Turner Los Angeles Dodgers, Juan Soto Washington Nationals and Bryce Harper Philadelphia Phillies

Now on to the hunt for the Series 2 cards. I have recently gotten the Series 2 base team cards only need the Stephen Strasburg photo variant SP (in t-shirt). I am currently bidding in an Ebay auction for it, so far I'm the only bidder at the opening 99¢ bid. There is at least one other auction for another copy that started at the same price. UPDATE: The bidding on Strasburg t-shirt card is now up to 4 bids at $5.50. I'm still "Winning" it but it ends in 2 days Sunday 26 Jun at 1:46 pm PDT.

Finally we have a nice cool vintage piece. It is actually a sticker/decal not a card from 1961. This beauty is from the Team Logo Decals insert set from 1961 Fleer Baseball Greats Set. There is No Number it is The Washington Senators Logo. I might try finding the other teams from this insert set. I currently just have the Baltimore Orioles one on my TCDB wantlist.

1961 Fleer Baseball Greats Team Logo Decal Insert Set NNO Washington Senators

31 May 2022

Varying Shades of Gray

So a recent Ebay sports card order I made was for the short print of a card from the 2022 Topps Baseball base set. Card number 43 Josiah Gray RC short print w/ his knee up and him turned to the side (about to fall over). That leaves the two Juan Soto short prints for me to hunt down (a short print and a super short print), plus the NL batting average leaders card with Trea Turner, Juan Soto, and Bryce Harper, I'm getting ready to get that one on Sportlots in a huge order I'm piecing together over there.

Oh the odd thing with this order was the "buffer" cards that the dealer packed around the purchased card. I've seen all sorts of things sellers have used and it is common practice to include bonus "buffer" cards that are usually super common cards that are barely worth part of a penny. This seller was no exception except that there were 8 of these bonus cards total, but only 2 different ones. One a 2022 Topps 1st Edition Baseball card 289 Nate Pearson Toronto Blue Jays and a 2016 Bowman Draft Chrome Baseball (1st Bowman) BDC-29 Justin Dunn New York Mets.

How many of each were there? An even 4-4? No, 3-5? No, Not even 2-6 but 1-7 in favor of the Bowman Chrome card. I was tempted to send the bonus cards back, but figured it wasn't worth the postage.

So here are the images for the two variants of this card: 2022 Topps Baseball 43 Josiah Gray Washington Nationals:

2022 Topps Baseball 43 Josiah Gray Washington Nationals (base)

2022 Topps Baseball 43 Josiah Gray Washington Nationals (Short Print - picture variant)

30 April 2022

A Team Set Sort Of Topps 2022

I haven't purchased new packs or full sets this year, but have gotten some of the 2022 Topps Washington Nationals via a monthly box breaking group I have the Nats in. So except for 3 image variants and the NL batting leaders card I have the Team Set for series 1. The NL batting leaders card has one Nat Juan Soto and two Ex-Nats Trea Turner and Bryce Harper.

Last post I showed The Ryan Zimmerman sunset card from this set, this post is all the base Nats cards.

38 Mason Thompson
43 Josiah Gray
61 Jackson Reetz
116 Alcides Escobar
150 Juan Soto
158 Riley Adams
218 Washington Nationals Team Card
220 Gerardo Parra
296 Ryan Zimmerman

31 March 2022

So Long Mr. Zimmerman Employee Number 11


Ryan Zimmerman The Nat's first ever Draft Pick (well as the Washington Nationals) announced his retirement on 15 February 2022. Then at the beginning of the delayed Spring Training opening the organization announce that they will officially retire his Employee Number 11 Jersey Number on 18 June 2022. Two other Nationals wore number 11 in 2005 before Ryan wore it, Jeffery Hammonds and Junior Spivey, but it is Ryan who is known for wearing that number, previously he was Employee Number 25.
2006 Fleer Baseball 228 Ryan Zimmerman Washington Nationals
(I have a copy of this and/or maybe the gray/silver version,
but couldn't find my copy in time to scan it for posting)

An image I created using an old CheckOutMyCards logo and a Getty Image of Ryan. 

Here is one of my Fave Zimmerman cards. I wish it was available in a non-chrome version but it was apparently only for Chrome. This card was made several years before the Nats ever wore an Expos Throwback uniform. As far as I know they have only worn a Montreal Throwback uniform (The powder blue away uniforms) the one time. They have worn retro Homestead Grays uniforms plenty of times. Not a very flattering image of him, but it is better than some sketch cards.

2010 Topps Chrome Baseball: National Chicle CC49
Ryan Zimmerman Montreal Expos

Here is an oddball Z-Man Card I like: It is a die-cut standee so it is very fragile. I think I might have wrecked it some after I scanned it while removing it from the scanner.
2009 Enterplay MLB Fan Pak #60 Ryan Zimmerman Washington Nationals Standee

Now here is what will be Ryan's last career era card.
2022 Topps Baseball 296 Ryan Zimmerman Washington Nationals

28 February 2022

A Solo Soto Or Have I Used This Title Before?

This month I was going to post about a batch/ lot of cards that I had gotten from the monthly Group Box Break I am a part of where I am in with The Nats. However as usual I kept procrastinating and putting things off and it would involved a lot of scanning that I didn't want to do. So here is just a Solo card from Juan Soto from that batch. It is an insert from the 2021 Topps Baseball Set from the 1952 Topps Redux Insert Set.. A retro insert set of 50 cards using top modern players in the style of the famous 1952 Topps Baseball design. I like when they do these I'd rather they do them here than in the Archives sets. I also like the Heritage sets which are from 49 years ago. With Archives they overuse all the designs so I would rather they do this.

2021 Topps Baseball - 2952 Topps Baseball Redux
T52-9 Juan Soto Washington Nationals

31 January 2022

Seven From Topps 2021 Baseball Update

 For the last minute posting I am showing a seven card lot from 2021 Topps Baseball Update. Some of these players would be traded to other teams before or at the July trade deadline. I'll just show the fronts it saved me scanning time and I think at one point I showed the backs of some series one cards. Plus for the last 10 years or so Topps Backs have had very few changes. Including the silly email and website addresses for the players.


Traded to Blue Jays (now with Mets)

Traded to Cardinals

US315 Yan Gomes
Traded to A's

31 December 2021

All Revved Up And Somewhere To Go

 Not much of a story for this post other than looking at some nice cards and getting teary eyed nostalgic or something. The first card of Ryan Zimmerman, who may or may not be back on the Nats Roster in 2022. The other card of a couple of players that were real fun to have around but are no longer with the team.

2020 Topps Baseball Series 2 - 385 Ryan Zimmerman Washington Nationals

2020 Topps Baseball Series 2 - 640 Rev'd Up Eaton, Kendrick Shift Gears
Adam Eaton and Howie Kendrick Washington Nationals

30 November 2021

2021 Topps Now Josiah Gray Call Up

 Alright Today's (This Month's) featured card is a Call Up for a starting pitcher. It is from 2021 Topps Now and features young RHP Josiah Gray who was acquired from the Dodgers in that Scherzer/Turner deal. (Now Scherzer is going to be a Met BLAH). It commemorates his 22 Sep 2021 call up First Career Win where he got 8Ks in 6 innings of work vs The Marlins

2021 Topps Now 842 Josiah Gray Washington Nationals


31 October 2021

Grandstand Harrisburg Senators 2010 Team Set

2010 Grandstand Harrisburg Senators Team Set 
(shown sealed)

Here is a team set I acquired from Ebay (about 2 weeks ago) for 14 bucks plus 4 shipping brand new still sealed in the original clear cello-plastic wrapper. In past years I might have tried to find 2 sets, one to keep sealed and one to open up and "show off". Note due to many reasons I don't "show off" my collection or display it, I just basically "store" my collection. Now days I don't bother with the 1 to keep sealed and 1 for the "collection" although I did that years ago with the 2005 Topps Washington Nationals Commemorative Box Set

Any way the set is the Minor League farm Team Set of the 2010 Harrisburg Senators by Grandstand. It is a 28 card set. It includes the Manager (Randy Knorr (Front Card)), Both the Hitting and Pitching coaches (Troy Gingrich, Randy Tomlin) and the Trainer (Alsushi Toriida (Back Card)). Key player cards and Notable Nats are: Stephen Strasburg, Drew Storen, Matt Chico, Danny Espinosa Jhonatan Solano, and Chris Marrero.

The design is nice and reminiscent of a 1990s Fleer or Upper Deck card.   

Here is the team set shown in order as they were packed.

Here are the backs of the Notable players and the coaches (Atsushi Toriida the Trainer card back is shown above as the back of the sealed pack.)

30 September 2021

2021 Downer Of A Season



The 2021 Nationals Season goes down as a big Loss. Not so much a HUGE loss of a season but still pretty much a downer. At least we didn't lose 100 or more games. Kind of close though as of this post the Nats have lost 94 games and 3 more to play. A final 3 game home series vs Boston.

I forget when it became apparent that this would be a losing season, but it was early enough that the Nats had a July Trade Deadline Fire Sale that I posted about last month. Seems like a year or more ago since we traded away Mad Max Scherzer and Treacycle Turner (now he's making smooth slides home for the Dodgers) but it has only been 2 months. At one point it looked like we might have gone into a 100 loss or more season. Fortunately this team wasn't THAT Bad, close very close though too close for any sort of comfort though. If they blow this last series the total losses will be 97 Yuck. 

Anyway here is the card from the top of this post the right way around. It is the 2021 Topps Washington Nationals Team Card. Sigh I miss the old days when A Team Card was a group photo of the full team sitting on the stadium bleachers or on a special set of risers made for the photo shoot.

2021 Topps Baseball 58 Washington Nationals Team Card