28 February 2023

A Sharp Chrome Autograph

 Yes once again I am doing a quick and dirty post. I really should plan things more or work on some of my stuck in draft mode for 20 years posts. OK not really I haven't been blogging for 20 years (yet, it is about 3 years away on my regular blog and this one I have only been blogging for 11 years), but I do have several draft posts that have been stuck for a few years.

This is a card I got about a year or two It's a 2021 Topps Chrome so I couldn't have gotten it earlier than that. At first I thought I might have posted about it before, but it looks like I haven't.

2021 Topps Baseball Chrome RA-SSH Sterling Sharp Washington Nationals RC
on card Blue Sharpie

31 January 2023

Some Parallels and Some Autographs

 I have a couple of parallels to show off and a couple of autograph cards to show. Three players in this order: Will Harris, Josiah Gray and Riley Adams. Seven cards in all.

First up RHP Will Harris from 2021 Topps Baseball Update Series card US138 base and gold parallel.

 2021 Topps Baseball Update Series - US138 Will Harris

 2021 Topps Baseball Update Series Gold parallel US138 Will Harris

Next we have RHP Josiah Gray from 2022 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball base RC card 164 and RC autograph card GQA-JG on card blue sharpie autograph.

2022 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball 164 Josiah Gray RC

2022 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Autograph - GQA-JG Josiah Gray RC

Finally we have Catcher Riley Adams first his 2022 Panini Donruss Baseball Signature Series Autograph card SS-RA on sticker in blue sharpie and then 2022 Panini Capstone Baseball RC card 16 base and Red Parallel. These two cards don't scan too well with their glossy reflective fronts. I got a rainbow effect when I scanned them in normal orientation and in sideways orientation, I used whichever of the two scans appeared slightly better and less reflective rainbow.

2022 Panini Donruss Baseball Signature Series Autograph - SS-RA Riley Adams

2022 Panini Capstone Baseball - 16 Riley Adams

2022 Panini Capstone Baseball Red parallel - 16 Riley Adams

31 December 2022

A Soto Photo Plus

For Christmas my Oldest bro and his wife almost always include some Curly W stuff in the bag or box of gifts they give me. This year was no exception there were a few Nats memorabilia things in there. Sometimes they are silly nick nacks I would never by myself or even want and sometimes there are some real cool things that I have drooled over for ages. OK so maybe I haven't literally drooled over the thought of some of the memorabilia but you get the idea. This year one of the cool things was a Juan Soto T-Shirt a red one with The Nationals script a faux Juan Soto signature and the number 22, and This Photo from this past year's Home Run Derby that Juan Won. from Fanatics.

The photograph is 8" x 10" and for now I am keeping it in the plastic bag/packaging. I thought it was a resealable bag but it doesn't act like it. 

Here is my Tops Now card commemorating the event.

Since the photo isn't a card and I have already posted about the Topps Now card, here are some Juan Soto cards that I received for the baseball team box breaking group December break:

2022 Topps Baseball: Series 1: 150
2022 Topps Chrome Baseball: 129 ACK with those star things one the top and bottom edges this might be a stupid winterized version. Blah.

2021 Topps Chrome Baseball :1992 style: TC92-49

2021 Topps Finest Baseball: 7

2021 Panini Chronicles Obsidian Baseball: 37


30 November 2022

Goodies From A November Group Box Break

 Without much fanfare here are some cards I got from a November Group Box Break. A monthly break I am a part of that I get recent Nationals from.

Group 1:
2022 Topp Archives Baseball:
1963 Design:
75 Andre Dawson Expos
96 Patrick Corbin
100 Juan Soto
1978 Design:
109 Stephen Strasburg
132 Josiah Gray
168 Vladimir Guerrero Expos
190 Lucius Fox
1987 Design:
284 Keibert Ruiz
1992 Design:
366 Bryce Harper

Group 2:
2022 Panini Prizm Baseball:
28 Mason Thompson
84 Josiah Gray
94 Cody Wilson
2007 Fleer Ultra Baseball: Ultra Rookies Auto:
206 Matt Chico on-sticker blue sharpie 104/349
2021 Topps Heritage Baseball:
1972 Design:
200 Michael Taylor
368 Rookie of the Year Award
2022 Gypsy Queen Baseball:
56 Stephen Strasburg
287 Patrick Corbin

Group 3:
2021 Topps Baseball (Series 2):
343 Victot Robles
446 Alex Avila
453 Starlin Castro
461 Ryan Zimmerman
473 Kyle Schwarber
531 Asdrubal Cabrera
2002 Topps Baseball: Update:
US38 Lucius Fox RC
US51 Erick Fedde
US68 Washington Nationals Team Card Juan Soto - 100 Career Home Runs CL

Group 4:
2022 Topps Baseball: Update:
US132 Joe Russ
US173 Andrew Stevenson
US 179 Maikel Franco
US194 Nelson Cruz
US226 Sean Doolittle
US269 Ehire Adrianza
US293 Yadiel Hernandez
US296 Steve Cishek
US299 Cesar Hernandez

I also got a small lot of Texas Rangers cards I had gotten from a bonus group box break:
Cards not scanned

2022 Topps Baseball: Update:
US82 Taylor Hearn
US91 Brad Miller
US96 Kyle Cody
US101 Albert Abreu
US122 Kolby Allard
US131 Martin Perez
US163 Jon Gray
US198 Garrett Richards
US200 Corey Seager
US285 Nick Tropeano

31 October 2022

A Spark Of Hope From 2nd Worst Season

 The 2022 Season was a huge bummer for Nationals fans from being the 2nd Worst Season to trading away two of our best players on the trade deadline day (Soto and Bell) to the San Diego Padres. They got to the NLCS but lost to the Philadelphia Phillies. A spark of light in a dark season came on Aug 2nd in the form of 30 Year Old Rookie Joey Meneses in his MLB Debut Homering in the 7th Inning in a 5-1 home victory vs. New York Mets.

From that night on through the rest of the season Joey soon became a fan favorite and one of the shining stars of the last part of the season. 

I have 3 Topps Now cards that commemorate a few of his highlights of the 2022 season.

2022 Topps Now Baseball 645 CALL-UP Joey Meneses Washington Nationals
30-yar-old blasts HR in 1st MLB Game

2022 Topps Now Baseball 822 CALL-UP Joey Meneses Washington Nationals
Hits 10th Inning Blast for 1st Career Walk-Off HR

2022 Topps Now Baseball 910 CALL-UP Joey Meneses Washington Nationals
Inside-The-Park HR Sparks 5-4 Comeback Win

30 September 2022

Juan Soto Home Run Derby 2022

This month's card celebrates one of the last highlights of Juan Soto's Nats career. His 2022 Home Run Derby Win. Juan is the second Nat to win this event. The previous Nat winner was Bryce Harper the 2018 Home Run Derby winner when Nationals Stadium was the host park. Looking back on my past posts I thought I had missed posting about that, however it was during a time when I was not tagging labels to my posts due to format changes that Blogger had made. I eventually figured out how to do labels for the new format/template. I thought I had the card even though I don't seem to have it on my TCDB collection list.

Here is Bryce's Home Run Derby Champ Card:

2018 Topps Now Baseball: 467 Bryce Harper Washington Nationals
2018 T-Mobile Home Run Derby Champion at Home Ballpark

Anyway here is the Juan Soto 2002 Topps Now card to celebrate his Home Run Derby Win.

2022 Topps Now Baseball: 567 
Juan Soto Washington Nationals
2022 T-Mobile Home Run Derby Champion

31 August 2022

Slugging Back to Back to Back

This card might be a little bit of Deja Vu almost but not quite. A few years ago (2017) a quartet of Nats sluggers hit back to back to back TO BACK homers in a game, well this year (2022) the struggling Nats did a trio back to back to back.

In this frustrating losing season on Jun 11 a little bit of sunshine lifted the season a tiny bit. Juan Soto, Nelson Cruz, and Josh Bell hit back to back to back homers scoring 4 runs against The Milwaukee Brewers (traditionally and annoyingly pesky opponent) in an 8-6 victory.

Here is the Topps Now card that commemorates that event.

2022 Topps Now Baseball 331 Juan Soto, Nelson Cruz, Josh Bell Washington Nationals

Sadly a few months later Juan Soto and Josh Bell would be traded to the San Diego Padres. In the final two games of their last 4 game series guess which two players would do San Diego's only scoring for those two games? Yep Juan Soto and Josh Bell. In game 3 they hit back to back homers giving the Padres a 2-1 victory. The next night Josh Bell hit a 2 run homer giving the Padres a second 2-1 win in two nights.

31 July 2022

2022 Topps Team Set (Base) Complete

 I now have the complete 2022 Topps Baseball: Nats Base Team Set. I am only missing the 2 Juan Soto SPs (1 SP and 1 SSP) I might never get those two. So I am pretty happy about that. I completed Series 1 a while back and just recently completed Series 2 including the Stephen Strasburg image variant.  I got it from an Ebay auction for $7.50 + only like a buck for shipping. I was the opening bidder when it started at 99¢. The card was delivered on 05 July 2022 estimated delivery was between then and 08 Jul. It was sent via the special Ebay Standard Envelope and their special tracking number system. Tracking shows this card as being still at the point of origin and in transit. Tracking says "It's still on the way". Tee-Hee

The Cards:
360 Joan Adon
404 Andrew Young
439 Josh Bell
472 Luis Garcia
492 Stephen Strasburg
492b Stephen Strasburg SP (photo variant)
525 Patrick Corbin
565 Lane Thomas
568 Keibert Ruiz
580 Carter Kieboom
583 Geraldo Parra

2022 Topps Washington Nationals
(series 1 cards)

24 June 2022

A Trio Of Curly W Cards From A Sportlots Splurge (and Ebay).

 From Sportlots I recently went on a Strive For '65 Splurge and bought cards from other years including 2 Curly W cards in this post of 3 cards. The third card I got from Ebay I'll start with that one.

The first card is from Topps Now that I got from Ebay. It is 2022 Topps Now Baseball 73 Joan Adon First Career Win with 6.1 Scoreless Innings. Of course by the time I got this card Adon was Assigned to the Minors (Rochester Red Wings) the day before.

2022 Topps Now Baseball 72 Joan Adon WashingtonNationals

Next we have a card that finishes my 2022 Topps Baseball Series 1 Washington Nationals Team Set (minus the 2 Juan Soto photo variant SPs that I might never get) 2022 Topps Baseball 59 NL Batting Average Leaders: Trea Turner Dodgers, Juan Soto Nationals and Bryce Harper Phillies. 

2022 Topps Baseball 59 NL Batting Average Leaders:
Trea Turner Los Angeles Dodgers, Juan Soto Washington Nationals and Bryce Harper Philadelphia Phillies

Now on to the hunt for the Series 2 cards. I have recently gotten the Series 2 base team cards only need the Stephen Strasburg photo variant SP (in t-shirt). I am currently bidding in an Ebay auction for it, so far I'm the only bidder at the opening 99¢ bid. There is at least one other auction for another copy that started at the same price. UPDATE: The bidding on Strasburg t-shirt card is now up to 4 bids at $5.50. I'm still "Winning" it but it ends in 2 days Sunday 26 Jun at 1:46 pm PDT.

Finally we have a nice cool vintage piece. It is actually a sticker/decal not a card from 1961. This beauty is from the Team Logo Decals insert set from 1961 Fleer Baseball Greats Set. There is No Number it is The Washington Senators Logo. I might try finding the other teams from this insert set. I currently just have the Baltimore Orioles one on my TCDB wantlist.

1961 Fleer Baseball Greats Team Logo Decal Insert Set NNO Washington Senators