31 July 2023

Joy Of A Complete Team Set Now with Series Two. And Bonus Cards

 OK so a few months back I posted The Nats cards from Series 1 of the 2023 Topps Baseball set. It is now time for the rest of the team from Series 2.

389 Victor Robles
437 Lane Thomas
443 Luke Voit
447 Israel Pineda RC
470 Joey Meneses RC
498 Stone Garrett RC
629 MacKenzie Gore Future Stars

As per normal these days these cards came from a recent group box break that I get my current Nats cards from. Actually the series two cards were actually a bonus break unto itself. Additionally here are two insert cards from the regular break (at least I think they came from series one in the regular break).

The Nats still have an Ace up their sleeve (or do they?)
2023 Topps Baseball All Aces insert - AA-21 Stephen Strasburg

Going International:
2023 Topps Baseball World Baseball Classic - WBC-52 Joey Meneses Mexico 

I don't normally go for the World Baseball Classic stuff but this year the Mexico team uniform looks nice on this card.