30 June 2018

Senators Singles: 2018 Topps Now Bryce Harper

2018 Topps Now: 86 Bryce Harper 

And once again I find myself at the end of a month having to make a quick and dirty post. This one is very quick and very dirty on the very last day of the month in the afternoon. Time is ticking.

OK so 16 April of this year 2018 was a Monday. The Nats would come from behind to beat the Mets in New York 8-6. They scored six of those runs in the 8th. The first run happened, However in the first inning. With 2 outs Bryce Harper swings on the first pitch. He smashes the ball to make a 406 foot homer, breaking his bat in the process. A rare occurrence as most often a broken bat results in an out. It was Harper's League Leading 8th Homer of the season.

Here be the card:
2018 Topps Now 86 Bryce Harper Broken Bat Home Run