03 April 2017



Today Monday 03 April, 2017 The Nationals take the field at home vs. The Florida  Miami Marlins. Stephen Strasburg will be the starting pitcher.

Opening Day Starting Lineup:
SS Trea Turner (R)
CF Adam Eaton (L)
RF Bryce Harper (L)
2B Daniel Murphy (L)
1B Ryan Zimmerman (R)
LF Jayson Werth (R)
3B Stephen Drew (L)
C   Matt Wieters (S)
P   Stephen Strasburg (R)

Here is the Nationals 2017 Roster:

Starting Rotation:
Stephen Strasburg RHP
Tanner Roark RHP
Gio Gonzalez LHP
Max Scherzer RHP

Jose Lobaton
Matt Wieters

Wilmer Defo SS/3B
Stephen Drew SS/2B/3B
Adam Lind 1B/LF
Daniel Murphy 2B/1B
Anthony Rendon 3B
Trea Turner SS/2B/CF
Ryan Zimmerman 1B

Adam Eaton CF
Bryce Harper RF
Chris Heisey RF/LF
Michael A. Taylor CF
Jayson Werth LF

Joe Blanton RHP
Coda Glover RHP
Shawn Kelly RHP
Oliver Perez LHP
Enny Romero LHP
Sammy Solis LHP

Blake Treinen RHP

Not sure who will throw out the First Pitch since POTUS Trump declined. Hopefully since he IS the President he will throw out a first pitch at Nats Park sometime. I don't care what your politics are the President whoever he or she is should throw out the first pitch from time to time. Preferably on Opening Day.

Oh yeah show a Curly W card. That is what you want me to do instead of yakking about this season's roster. OK here is a First Pitch card from this year's Topps Flagship set. I'm not sure how many Nats First Pitch cards there are. I haven't checked the lists for the First Pitch insert sets, but I do need to get them. I think I have a First Pitch from last year somewhere, not a Nat forget what or who it is.

It wasn't Opening Day, but it was a special day 05 July, 2016 Nats Park. I think it was one of the Armed Services Recognition days. The ball hurler is Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber she finished top 9 in Miss Universe and is now a Captain in the US Army Reserve at the printing time of this card she was a Lieutenant. Her Wikipedia page shows her throwing out a first pitch in a Yankees jersey for a Yankees game, but she is more a DC girl representing DC in the Miss USA pageant. Born in Columbus, Georgia moved around as an Army brat. She has a degree from Virginia State University and a Masters from University of Maryland.

The Nationals lost that game 5-2 to the Milwaukee Brewers. Gio Gonzalez was the starting pitcher. The card I got for lets see ...99¢ + $3.50 shipping from Ebay received it Wednesday 08 March 2017. Mailday blogging sometimes comes in handy. Hehehe.