31 May 2022

Varying Shades of Gray

So a recent Ebay sports card order I made was for the short print of a card from the 2022 Topps Baseball base set. Card number 43 Josiah Gray RC short print w/ his knee up and him turned to the side (about to fall over). That leaves the two Juan Soto short prints for me to hunt down (a short print and a super short print), plus the NL batting average leaders card with Trea Turner, Juan Soto, and Bryce Harper, I'm getting ready to get that one on Sportlots in a huge order I'm piecing together over there.

Oh the odd thing with this order was the "buffer" cards that the dealer packed around the purchased card. I've seen all sorts of things sellers have used and it is common practice to include bonus "buffer" cards that are usually super common cards that are barely worth part of a penny. This seller was no exception except that there were 8 of these bonus cards total, but only 2 different ones. One a 2022 Topps 1st Edition Baseball card 289 Nate Pearson Toronto Blue Jays and a 2016 Bowman Draft Chrome Baseball (1st Bowman) BDC-29 Justin Dunn New York Mets.

How many of each were there? An even 4-4? No, 3-5? No, Not even 2-6 but 1-7 in favor of the Bowman Chrome card. I was tempted to send the bonus cards back, but figured it wasn't worth the postage.

So here are the images for the two variants of this card: 2022 Topps Baseball 43 Josiah Gray Washington Nationals:

2022 Topps Baseball 43 Josiah Gray Washington Nationals (base)

2022 Topps Baseball 43 Josiah Gray Washington Nationals (Short Print - picture variant)