18 April 2016

Nats Gear: A Hat And A Shirt

Recently I made a purchase from the MLB.com Shop for some Nats Gear. I also bit the bullet for a custom Nationals jersey. I had been debating about it for sometime since I really didn't want to spend the amount that they charge for the custom jerseys let alone the prices for favorite player jerseys. This post is not about that it is about my other purchases. The custom jersey will have to wait for a later post.

The first is another hat to add to my Nats Hats collection. My total of Nationals and Senators hats now stands at 10 with 1 plastic "kids" batting helmet. I haven't made posts about those hats. A long time ago I had done a partial video about some of my Nats Hats Collection but the online service I had used deleted all my old videos there. I was really bummed. Anyway that is post fodder for some other time. For now let me get on with this post.

Here is my latest Nat Hat:
I wanted a green Curly W hat and really liked the Olive one. It is a darker Olive in real life than it originally looked online oh well. I think one of these days I might get a Kelly Green hat with the shamrock on the side as well. This hat is a fitted one, and has the MLB Logo on the back. I have some Nats Hats that are fitted but say "Nationals" on the back.

Next up is a baseball jersey/t-shirt J-Shirt? Shirsey? One of the 2/3 sleeve baseball jerseys.

Yes a retro Senators Shirt. I like both the blue and gray colors plus the old style Senators straight W logo.

The images I used are stock photos from the MLB Shop. I was too lazy to snap any pics on my own, plus the shirt is a bit too large to "scan" and scanning a hat doesn't work well either.