31 January 2020

Joy Of A Full Team Set 2018 Topps Washington Nationals Team Set

January crunch time. I still have my 2019 World Series post to work on. Maybe it will be ready for February, maybe not. Anyway this team set is a true team set not just the team subset from the Flagship base set. This set I'm featuring is the 2018 Topps Washington Nationals Team Set. The set consists of 17 cards. Instead of just numbers (1-17) the set numbers are WN-xx. (WN-1 to WN-17)

2018 Topps Washington Nationals Team Set

WN-1 Bryce Harper
WN-2 Anthoney Rendon
WN-3 Ryan Madson
WN-4 Gio Gonzalez
WN-5 Adam Eaton
WN-6 Ryan Zimmerman
WN-7 Daniel Murphy
WN-8 Wilmer Difo
WN-9 Stephen Strasburg

WN-10 Sean Doolittle
WN-11 Max Scherzer
WN-12 Tanner Roark
WN-13 Michael Taylor
WN-14 Trea Turner
WN-15 MattWieters
WN-16 Erick Fedde RC
WN-17 Victor Robles RC

OH I was going to mention that one of my friends gave me this set. Sometime late summer early fall last year. It may have even been as late as during the Nationals Post Season Run to The World Series. I think somewhere I may have had one or two cards from this team set from previous sources, but maybe not.