Curly W Players Profiles

When I started this Blog one of my ideas to make it kind of unique was to introduce some of my fave players showing off a few of their cards with a sort of "batting order" game play type style. I still try to do that from time to time. I haven't had too many of those posts lately, in fact I've had very few. I have been thinking about them, and have the next one in draft mode. I need to add the dang card scans one of the downfalls to all my blogging disasters is waiting to add card scans to posts of all kinds.

In my sort of cleaning up of this blog and getting rid of some of the ridiculous, one thing I noticed is I never made a true checklist of those posts. I rely on the grossly unupdated "my players" page and the individual post labels that get lost in the shuffle.

I will use this page as a sort of checklist for the players I have featured with the batting order profiles. Anyway Here are the Nats and Sens who have been featured in alphabetical order by last name.

Ed Brinkman
Frank Howard
Nick Johnson
Brian Schneider
Ryan Zimmerman

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