23 November 2013

Senators Singles: Alvin Crowder 1933 Goudey

Now THIS card is my oldest Curly W Card

I had previously stated in my very first "Senators Singles" post that the card I was showing then was my oldest Washington Baseball card.  At the time I started composing that post it was true, but while I was dilly dallying and just outright procrastinating on scanning that card I went on a spending spree on Ebay. I got a bunch of stuff mostly cards that had FREE Shipping.

This "new" Oldest card might not be the absolutely oldest Washington Baseball card available, but it is currently the oldest I have and will probably hold that title for a while longer. It is a 1933 Goudey Gum card number 122 Alvin Crowder.

Alvin learned to play baseball while in the army during World War I and was nicknamed "General" after Major General Enoch Crowder who was best known for starting the Selective Service Act of 1917. Alvin was a pitcher who had a 10 year career in the Majors with The Senators, The Browns and The Tigers. Alvin was also known as "Yankee Killer" for his success against the Yankees especially Babe Ruth.

So here is the card:
1933 Goudey 122 Alvin Crowder Senators
(Front and Back)

22 November 2013

Frankly Friday: 1953 Topps Originals

1953 Topps Originals vs. 1991 Topps Archives Reprints

A few Frankly Fridays ago (Months and months in "real" time) I had shown some reprints of 1950s era cards including the 1991 Topps Archives 1953 Reprints.

Well I have since purchased the originals of the Two Washington Franks that are represented in that Topps Archives reprint set Frank Campos and Frank Shea. I think I will eventually get the rest of the Archives set someday since getting an original set would be difficult and costly, right now I just have the Senators "team set" from that reprint set.

So I went on a sportlots spending spree splurge that included these two Original Franks (and some Ed Brinkman cards I needed among others). I got these two from two different sellers. My complete order had about 15 different sellers in all. Anyway these two cards arrived on consecutive days a Tuesday and Wednesday. The costs Campos $4.00 + 0.85¢ shipping and Shea was $3.00 + $1.40 shipping (with 3 other cards that I'll probably blab er blog about sometime later on my CaptKirk42 Card Blog.) Shea arrived first on the Tuesday mailday.

1953 Topps 51 Frank Campos Senators
Original (Front and Back)

 1953 Topps 164 Frank Shea Senators
Original (Front and Back)

The immediate differences between the originals and the reprints is; SIZE the Originals are slightly larger than the standard card size the reprints are standard 3.5" x 2.5", SURFACE FINISH the reprints have a clean glossy finish on both sides, and on the back the Originals are the raw gray/brown card color while the reprints are pure white (with the gloss finish) Other than that the content of both is the same excepting the reprints updated copyright info format.

Wasington Franks Mentioned in this post:

Other Senators/Nationals mentioned in this post:
Ed Brinkman

18 November 2013

SeNators Singles: Al Evans 1950 Bowman

This is the first post of what will hopefully be a regular series feature that will at least make this blog more active, and give me more work to do on it. I don't plan on making these too wordy just something that gives me more opportunities to show off more of my Washington "Curly W" Baseball Cards. It is also a good way to build up a bunch of "filler" posts for whenever I need to make a post but don't have any subject matter in mind.

If you follow enough team specific card blogs you will notice that many of them have a "card of the day" or "card of the week" feature. Some of those blogs are the feature. I don't think I'll ever get that enthusiastic for the daily route, it is hard enough for me to keep up regularly for weekly features. Hopefully I'll do this often enough to make most people think it is done more often.

Some of the cards I show for this feature might be repeats of cards previously shown and maybe sometimes cards shown here will get repeated in another feature. Who knows? It is all good anyway.

I don't recall which Senators card was my very first Washington Baseball Card or Curly W Card so I'll just have to show the card that (for now) is my oldest CWC in terms of its age not necessarily how long I've had it.
1950 Bowman 144 Al Evans Senators
(Front and back)

I was going to just mention that I think I got this card from Ebay a while back and leave it at that, but I went ahead and dug into my TCC blog* and found the entry working backwards from the oldest entries to the newest, I would have saved a few minutes starting the other way since I had gotten this card last year. I got it on Monday 14 May 2012 from Ebay as I said, and I only paid $4.75 + $1.00 shipping.

UPDATE: This card no longer my oldest CWC I recently got some cards from Ebay including an even older card from the 1933 Goudey set.

*My TCC blog I have been using as a card "mailday blog" for sometime now. I also duplicate the entries over at TCZ in my CaptKirk42's Mail Bag posts on their "Mail Days" board. The duplication came in handy over the weekend of 25-27 October 2013 when the TCC site was down. I do need to backup my entries in case both sites go down permanently.

08 November 2013

Ian Desmond: Silver Slugger Shortstop Second Season

2010 Topps National Chicle Autographs #ID - Ian Desmond A - Courtesy of COMC.com
CONGRATULATIONS to Ian Desmond for winning the 2013 Silver Slugger Award (for Shortstop). This is Ian's second Silver Slugger Award two years running. Yeah Buddy!

The card shown is a 2010 Topps National Chicle Autograph card NCA-ID Ian Desmond Nationals signed on card blue sharpie. The image is from COMC.com I have this card in my collection I just haven't gotten around to scanning it. Oh here is what the back looks like:
2010 Topps National Chicle Autographs #ID - Ian Desmond A - Courtesy of COMC.com