22 November 2013

Frankly Friday: 1953 Topps Originals

1953 Topps Originals vs. 1991 Topps Archives Reprints

A few Frankly Fridays ago (Months and months in "real" time) I had shown some reprints of 1950s era cards including the 1991 Topps Archives 1953 Reprints.

Well I have since purchased the originals of the Two Washington Franks that are represented in that Topps Archives reprint set Frank Campos and Frank Shea. I think I will eventually get the rest of the Archives set someday since getting an original set would be difficult and costly, right now I just have the Senators "team set" from that reprint set.

So I went on a sportlots spending spree splurge that included these two Original Franks (and some Ed Brinkman cards I needed among others). I got these two from two different sellers. My complete order had about 15 different sellers in all. Anyway these two cards arrived on consecutive days a Tuesday and Wednesday. The costs Campos $4.00 + 0.85¢ shipping and Shea was $3.00 + $1.40 shipping (with 3 other cards that I'll probably blab er blog about sometime later on my CaptKirk42 Card Blog.) Shea arrived first on the Tuesday mailday.

1953 Topps 51 Frank Campos Senators
Original (Front and Back)

 1953 Topps 164 Frank Shea Senators
Original (Front and Back)

The immediate differences between the originals and the reprints is; SIZE the Originals are slightly larger than the standard card size the reprints are standard 3.5" x 2.5", SURFACE FINISH the reprints have a clean glossy finish on both sides, and on the back the Originals are the raw gray/brown card color while the reprints are pure white (with the gloss finish) Other than that the content of both is the same excepting the reprints updated copyright info format.

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