30 September 2022

Juan Soto Home Run Derby 2022

This month's card celebrates one of the last highlights of Juan Soto's Nats career. His 2022 Home Run Derby Win. Juan is the second Nat to win this event. The previous Nat winner was Bryce Harper the 2018 Home Run Derby winner when Nationals Stadium was the host park. Looking back on my past posts I thought I had missed posting about that, however it was during a time when I was not tagging labels to my posts due to format changes that Blogger had made. I eventually figured out how to do labels for the new format/template. I thought I had the card even though I don't seem to have it on my TCDB collection list.

Here is Bryce's Home Run Derby Champ Card:

2018 Topps Now Baseball: 467 Bryce Harper Washington Nationals
2018 T-Mobile Home Run Derby Champion at Home Ballpark

Anyway here is the Juan Soto 2002 Topps Now card to celebrate his Home Run Derby Win.

2022 Topps Now Baseball: 567 
Juan Soto Washington Nationals
2022 T-Mobile Home Run Derby Champion