30 September 2015

September Slump and Slide: Second Place Edition

Well September has slipped and slid into a super soaked slump for the Second Place Washington Nationals. As of tonight 30 Sept 2015 they only have 80 wins and have 4 more games to play. The final 3 games being in NY against the First Place Mets. If the Nats can win at least one more game to finish 81-81 I'll be happy, if they manage two wins by avoiding getting swept by Atlanta and winning at least one game vs. The Mets I'll be happier. If they lose the remaining 4 games I'll be really upset.

Who knows how the team would have finished 2015 if we still had a manager like this:

 1969 Topps Baseball 650 Ted Williams Mgr
(Front and Back)

and perhaps had this guy pitching every 5th day:

 1994 Ted Williams Baseball 89 Walter Johnson
(Front and Back)

This guy at Shortstop:
 1968 Topps Baseball 49 Ed Brinkman
(Front and Back)

with this slugger:
 1960 Topps Baseball 210 Harmon Killebrew
(Front and Back)

We might have won a few more games.