20 October 2016

Bryce Harper's First Career Grand Slam His 100th Home Run

I  don't believe I didn't post about this when it happened. I thought I did or was going to or had at the very least started my draft for the post. Nope I didn't. Silly me. I think I mentioned it in a forum post somewhere, but not here. Well here it is now.

On 14 April, 2016 Nats Outfielder Bryce Harper smashed his first career grand slam against the Braves. It marked his 100th Career Homer to boot. What a way to celebrate.

2013 Topps Tribute Baseball 49 Bryce Harper Nationals

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Then only 6 days later on 20 April Bryce hits his 2nd Career Grand Slam vs. The Marlins. The wonder kid smashes another one.

 2012 Bowman Baseball 10 Bryce Harper RC Nationals

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14 October 2016

2016 NLDS vs Los Angeles Dodgers Results

2016 NLDS
vs Los Angeles Dodgers
Dodgers Won Series 3-2

Back in 2012 when the Nats took their first trip to the National League Divisional Series, I was too excited and then too depressed to do any sort of review post. Then in 2014 I was again depressed by the results. Well this year, the third year in five that the Nats have made the postseason, I decided that win or lose I'd do a post about the series.

The NLDS is a best out of five games series, and much like the Wild Card "play-in" game it comes and goes too swiftly. 3 wins and you move on to the Championship Series (NLCS). Lose those 3 and your season is over. The Nationals for this series won "home field" advantage by having the better season record 95-67 to the Dodgers 91-71. In the long run home field gets the advantage of an extra game and the homie crowd for one more game.. 

Game 1: Friday 07 October 2016 Nationals Park, Washington DC - Loss 3-4
The first game of the series was a real uphill battle. Unfortunately the Nationals lost. The first inning was soiled with a solo homer by LA's Corey Seager apparently he is their golden child this season. The first pitch he saw he knocks it out. Good thing he was the second batter and the lead off man had struck out. Things would only get worse from there. The Dodgers would tack on 3 more runs in the top of the third making it a 4-0 game. The nationals were able to cut the lead in half with a two-run homer by Anthony Redon that scored Bryce Harper and Jason Werth. The Nationals would then get their third and final run in the bottom of the 4th with a sac fly by Trea Turner to send catcher Pedro Severino home. The Nats would make a few more attempts to score but no love there.

Game 2: Sunday 09 October 2016 Nationals Park, Washington DC - Win 5-2
Game 2 of the series was rained out on its original Saturday game day 08 October then postponed for Sunday. This game started out much like the first Golden Boy Corey Seager knocked in a solo homer top of the first. Dodgers fans were wetting themselves with glee. The next scoring was again top of the 3rd this time just one run Josh Reddick singled and Justin Turner scored. That would be the final scoring by the Dodgers. The rest of the scoring would be ALL WASHINGTON starting bottom 4th with José Lobatón knocking a 3 run homer scoring the Brothers Dan Daniel Murphy and Danny Espinosa. Then next inning would be last year's wonder boy for the Mets Daniel Murphy hitting a single to get Trea Turner in. Then the bottom of the 7th Murphy would single again this time sending Jayson Werth home.

Game 3: Monday 10 October 2016 Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA - Win 8-3
For Game 3 the fun moved to the left coast. This time bottom of the 1st. Yep you guessed it Corey Seager bats, but not a solo homer but a deep double that scores LAs Mr. Turner (Justin). Move to the top of the 3rd it is Jayson Werth's turn to double and for Washington's Mr. Turner (Trea) to score. Game tied 1-1. Bryce Harper singles and Jayson Werth Scores. Anthony Rendón homers deep left center (412 ft.), Bryce Harper scores. 4-1 Washington. Bottom of 5th Carlos Ruiz homers deep left center Joc Paderson scores 4-3 Washington. Then all is quiet until the top of the 9th. Jayson Werth homers deep left center (5-3), Ryan Zimmerman doubles deep right sending both Daniel Murphy and Bryce Harper home (7-3) he advances to 3rd on throw. Chris Heisey hits a sac-fly to left scoring Ryan Zimmerman 8-3. Nats take lead in series 2 games to 1. And that Mrs. Lincoln is all she wrote.

Game 4: Tuesday 11 October 2016 Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA - Loss 5-6
Game 4 could have been a historic game for the Nationals. It SHOULD have been, but alas it was not. Top of the first Nats draw first blood Daniel Murphy singles to right Trea Turner scores (1-0). Bottom of the 1st Dodgers come back Adrian Gonzalez homers deep right also scoring Justin Turner. (1-2) Top of the 3rd Daniel Murphey does it again with a sac fly to center to plate Trea Turner (2-2). Bottom 3rd Justin Turner (Wrong Mr. Turner) singles to left center and Clayton Kershaw scores (2-3). WHAT? Their Pitcher? Oh yeah he did get on base Blah. Then with bases loaded Joc Pederson is hit by a pitch again Justin Turner scores (2-4). Bottom 5th Joc Pederson doubles to left scoring Josh Reddick (2-5). Top 7th bases loaded Jayson Werth hit by pitch Danny Espinosa scores Nationals turn for that fun trick (3-5). Daniel Murphy singles left center Trea Turner and Bryce Harper score tying the game 5-5. Bottom of the 8th Chase Utley (Huh? Haven't seen that troublemaker for some time) singles right center Andrew Toles scores go-ahead run (5-6). Big heavy sigh Dodgers tie series 2-2.

Game 5: Thursday 13 October 2016 Nationals Park, Washington DC - Loss 3-4
Game 5 the one that decided the whole enchilada. This was perhaps the biggest dramatic game of the series along with game 4. For the first 7 innings it was super, then the hour and a half long 7th inning turned sour. There was some hope near the end but it was quickly extinguished. The scoring got started in the bottom of the 2nd with the Brothers Dan. Danny Espinosa singled to right sending Daniel Murphy home 1-0. The score would stay that way for most of the game until the 7th inning. It didn't help matters that the bottom of the 6th ended with Jayson Werth trying to squeeze home. He was sent by 3rd base coach as the ball, hit by Zimmerman who doubled left, was about even with 3rd base. In the top 7th Joc Pederson knocks a solo homer deep left center 1-1. Carlos Ruiz singles shallow left scoring Ausin Barnes 1-2 with just one out. Then Justin Turner triples to deep center scoring Howie Kendrick and Carlos Ruiz 1-4. The top of the 7th alone ran for about 45 minutes and the Nats break a sad NLDS record of using 6 pitchers in just one inning. Bottom 7th Chris Heisey knocks in a 2 run homer deep left plating Danny Espinosa and bringing the game to within one run 3-4 with no outs. Sadly that would be the final scoring of the game. The Dodgers move on to the NLCS against the Cubs.

Series Results: Dodgers Win Series 3-2
Game 1: 07 October 2016 - Loss 3-4
Game 2: 09 October 2016 - Win 5-2
Game 3: 10 October 2016 - Win 8-3
Game 4: 11 October 2016 - Loss 5-6
Game 5: 13 October 2016 - Loss 3-4

Alyssa is Happy

Parody of Taylor Swift's Shake It Off by Keith Elgin (Video) 2016 Nats Playoff Theme It isn't great but it is a fun fan-made parody. He debuted the song LIVE at a restaurant Ben's Chili Bowl a DC area landmark. He also sang it live on local radio (WRQX "Mix 107.3") on the Jack Diamond Morning Show

To conclude this semi-sweet post. Thank you Nationals for an exciting season with an excellent run. Plus an exciting NLDS especially the drama of games 4 and 5. I wish this Post Season was not a repeat of the last two even year seasons (2012 and 2014). Sadly the Nationals post season record is much like the Capitals Post Seasons. Get to the first round then lose.

05 October 2016

Tony Two Bags First Career Grand Slam

On Tuesday 06 September 2016 Nats third baseman Anthony Rendon hit his first career grand slam. I was a bit surprised that this was his first. I tend to forget how many base runners are on the bags when one of our boys knocks out a homer, be they two, three runs or just solo homers. Good players hit a bunch of homers and get even more RBIs that I just assume they had gotten a Grand Slam early in their career.

2013 Topps Bowman Platinum: Top Prospects: TP-AR
Anthony Rendon Nationals

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