21 December 2016

Senators Singles: Mad Max Ace Diamond King

Mad Max Ace Diamond King

I scanned this card late last month when I was scanning cards for my Max Awards 2016 post. I decided not to show it at that time. So now with just a little time left in December I'm posting it as one of those "quick fix make sure I have something for the personal quota this month" posts. Yes I"m being lazy.

This card is one of the 2016 Panini Diamond Kings cards. I am so-so on this set. I sort of like the painting-like images used, but they do repeat the same "photo" on the back. It is also one of those unlicensed sets. I wish the sports leagues would back off on the exclusives for trading cards and let he full names and logos of sports teams be used. Most people know what they are anyway so there is no serious attempt at disguising which team it is. The plainness and lack of names and logos makes even the most professionally made card look like it was done by cheap ass amateurs. Most collectors hate the plain look anyway.

 2016 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball - 88 Max Scherzer Nationals