Curly W Cravings

This is my currently looking for list or my 9 most desired cards at this time. I have a similar list at my regular blog that I called CaptKirk42s Coveted Ten Cards. This will be a more difficult list to maintain as I have to keep it within my defined rules of what a "Curly W" card is. Basically in my book a Curly W card is a card of a player who played for a Washington Baseball Team. So I may sometimes add Twins or Rangers cards I desire on this list, or some other team so long as that player was with a Washington Team.

This page will serve as my detailed master of this list. The list will be displayed on the right-hand sidebar somewhere near the top of the page. As I get cards through trades, sales or gifts I will remove them from the list, and add something else.

  1. 1966 Topps 211 Frank Kreutzer
  2. 1967 Topps 188 Ken Harrelson
  3. 1971 Topps 535 Curt Flood
  4. 1966 Topps 531 Joe Cunningham
  5. 1964 Topps 203 John Kennedy RC
  6. 1964 Topps 498 Dave Stenhouse
  7. 1970 Kellogg's 24 Mike Epstein (Need an UPGRADE my copy has paper residue glued on back)
  8. 1971 Kellogg's 14 (a & b) Frank Howard (two variations NL and AL)
  9. 2022 Topps 150b Juan Soto SP variant horizontal orientation arms out closed fists
  10. 2022 Topps 150c Juan Soto SSP variant arms up cap backwards

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