31 March 2020

Get Back On Your Bikes

OK so this is another quick and dirty last night of the month post. The card I'm featuring came just in the nick of time. I got it from Ebay I had been watching it for a while and pulled the trigger on it. I got it for $5.99 Free Shipping. I think I had been watching one copy of it that sold out from under me. A few of these Topps Now Cards have done that to me. So in a way this card is sort of part two. Due to the achievement that was accomplished. So many moons ago I had posted about when Trea Turner hit for the cycle for the first time in his young career (Something Bryce Harper has yet to do, he came close a few times here in DC but didn't do it here, maybe sometime in Philly.) Back then I made the post "Get On Your Bikes And Ride" Which is a tribute to the rock group Queen in a way. Even though I showed a couple of cards highlighting that first cycle at the time I didn't have the card. I have since gotten that card.

In the meantime once again in his Career Trea Turner hit for the cycle. His second time but he also tied a record of sorts. He hit his second cycle against the same team he had hit for his first cycle 2 years previously. The Colorado Rockies. Trea is just the 3rd MLB player to do that. Very cool.

So here is the card commemorating that which I got this afternoon (Monday 30 Mar 2020).

2019 Topps Now Baseball: 559 Trea Turner Washington Nationals
3rd player in MLB history to hit for the cycle against the same team twice