27 February 2015

Frankly Friday: Score The Triple Crown

1993 Score Select Triple Crown: Frank Robinson

For this Frankly Friday installment I have this beauty that I think I got from a purchase on one of the card forums Sports Card Forum maybe. I am not sure it could have been some random collector who contacted my from my regular blog. So if I did purchase it I don't recall how much I got it for. I might have even bought it with a couple of other cards. Enough of my babbling you came here to see the card:

As you can see the front has a glittery/chrome/foil print on it. Dufex it is called, whatever that is. That is why the scan looks so Chromy/Blurry. I am not a fan of this type of stuff. Back in the 80s and 90s yeah sure but now not so much. Anyway this is card 2 of a 3 card insert set to the 1993 Score Select set. The other two cards (which I am thinking of getting) are Mickey Mantle 1 and Carl Yastzemski 3.

 1993 Score Select Triple Crown - 2 Frank Robinson Orioles
(Front and Back)