29 November 2016

Max Awards 2016

2015 Topps Stadium Club 296 Max Scherzer

Well there were a few Nats up for some of the big end of the year awards. 2nd Baseman Daniel Murphy was up for NL MVP but came in second. He did, However, pick up a Silver Slugger award (his first) and the Player's Choice "Outstanding Player" Award. Catcher Wilson Ramos also got a Silver Slugger award a surprise first. Rookie Outfielder Trea Turner was up for the "Rookie of the Year" (ROY) but came in second and Skipper Dusty Baker was up for the "Manager of the Year" (MOY) but came in 3rd. UGH. Golden Boy Pitcher Max Scherzer came through with the NL Cy Young Award his second he won his first back in 2013 while with the Tigers. He is the 6th player to win it from both Leagues.

Here are some cards to look at starting with the back of the 2015 Stadium Club Max Scherzer card that is featured at the top of this short post.

2015 Topps Stadium Club 296 Max Scherzer (back)

Since it is his second Cy Young award here is another Max card this one is his 2015 Gypsy Queen

 2015 Topps Gypsy Queen 93 Max Scherzer
(Front and Back)

Silver Slugger Catcher Wilson Ramos.
 2011 Topps Update US295 Wilson Ramos
(Front and Back)

I don't recall the exact location of any of my Daniel Murphy cards so I didn't get a chance to scan any. I also didn't scan any Dusty Baker cards. I don't recall if I've gotten one of him as the Nats Skipper yet. Anyway the last card I'll show is the almost ROY Trea Turner. Here is his 2016 Gypsy Queen card.

 2016 Topps Gypsy Queen 64 Trea Turner
(Front and Back)

2016 Award Nominations for Nationals:
MVP - Daniel Murphy - 2nd
Cy Young - Max Scherzer - Winner!
ROY - Trea Turner - 2nd
MOY - Dusty Baker - 3rd

Silver Slugger: 
2nd Base - Daniel Murphy
Catcher - Wilson Ramos

Player's Choice Awards:
Outstanding Player - Daniel Murphy

Congrats Nats for the nominations and the actual wins. I was really hoping for Trea to get the ROY. Oh well he came in 2nd like Ryan Zimmerman did 10 years ago.