31 December 2021

All Revved Up And Somewhere To Go

 Not much of a story for this post other than looking at some nice cards and getting teary eyed nostalgic or something. The first card of Ryan Zimmerman, who may or may not be back on the Nats Roster in 2022. The other card of a couple of players that were real fun to have around but are no longer with the team.

2020 Topps Baseball Series 2 - 385 Ryan Zimmerman Washington Nationals

2020 Topps Baseball Series 2 - 640 Rev'd Up Eaton, Kendrick Shift Gears
Adam Eaton and Howie Kendrick Washington Nationals

30 November 2021

2021 Topps Now Josiah Gray Call Up

 Alright Today's (This Month's) featured card is a Call Up for a starting pitcher. It is from 2021 Topps Now and features young RHP Josiah Gray who was acquired from the Dodgers in that Scherzer/Turner deal. (Now Scherzer is going to be a Met BLAH). It commemorates his 22 Sep 2021 call up First Career Win where he got 8Ks in 6 innings of work vs The Marlins

2021 Topps Now 842 Josiah Gray Washington Nationals


31 October 2021

Grandstand Harrisburg Senators 2010 Team Set

2010 Grandstand Harrisburg Senators Team Set 
(shown sealed)

Here is a team set I acquired from Ebay (about 2 weeks ago) for 14 bucks plus 4 shipping brand new still sealed in the original clear cello-plastic wrapper. In past years I might have tried to find 2 sets, one to keep sealed and one to open up and "show off". Note due to many reasons I don't "show off" my collection or display it, I just basically "store" my collection. Now days I don't bother with the 1 to keep sealed and 1 for the "collection" although I did that years ago with the 2005 Topps Washington Nationals Commemorative Box Set

Any way the set is the Minor League farm Team Set of the 2010 Harrisburg Senators by Grandstand. It is a 28 card set. It includes the Manager (Randy Knorr (Front Card)), Both the Hitting and Pitching coaches (Troy Gingrich, Randy Tomlin) and the Trainer (Alsushi Toriida (Back Card)). Key player cards and Notable Nats are: Stephen Strasburg, Drew Storen, Matt Chico, Danny Espinosa Jhonatan Solano, and Chris Marrero.

The design is nice and reminiscent of a 1990s Fleer or Upper Deck card.   

Here is the team set shown in order as they were packed.

Here are the backs of the Notable players and the coaches (Atsushi Toriida the Trainer card back is shown above as the back of the sealed pack.)

30 September 2021

2021 Downer Of A Season



The 2021 Nationals Season goes down as a big Loss. Not so much a HUGE loss of a season but still pretty much a downer. At least we didn't lose 100 or more games. Kind of close though as of this post the Nats have lost 94 games and 3 more to play. A final 3 game home series vs Boston.

I forget when it became apparent that this would be a losing season, but it was early enough that the Nats had a July Trade Deadline Fire Sale that I posted about last month. Seems like a year or more ago since we traded away Mad Max Scherzer and Treacycle Turner (now he's making smooth slides home for the Dodgers) but it has only been 2 months. At one point it looked like we might have gone into a 100 loss or more season. Fortunately this team wasn't THAT Bad, close very close though too close for any sort of comfort though. If they blow this last series the total losses will be 97 Yuck. 

Anyway here is the card from the top of this post the right way around. It is the 2021 Topps Washington Nationals Team Card. Sigh I miss the old days when A Team Card was a group photo of the full team sitting on the stadium bleachers or on a special set of risers made for the photo shoot.

2021 Topps Baseball 58 Washington Nationals Team Card

31 August 2021

July Deadline Fire Sale Trades Kill Washington

 OH BOY! The Nationals had a Trade Deadline Fire Sale for a bunch of Prospects. Included in the Trades are Max Scherzer AND Trea Turner to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Another two Nats I really liked were traded to the Oakland Athletics Yan Gomes and Josh Harrison. The other players who are now ExNats are Kyle Schwarber to Boston Red Sox, Daniel Hudson to San Diego Padres, and Brad Hand to Toronto Blue Jays. Each and every one of these trades disappoint me. I like all of them, especially Trea and Max. Sending Trea to LA royally ticks me off.

Max Scherzer and Trea Turner were the big event traded for four players: Catcher Keibert Ruiz, Josiah Gray RHP, Donovan Casey Outfield, and Gerardo Carillo RHP. The Dodgers have two more Nats Killers and now a second named "Turner". Josiah Gray has been showing to be OK, but he hasn't gotten a win as a Nat yet.

Image of Josh Harrison 2021 Topps card from tcdb.com

Yan Gomes and Josh Harrison were sent to Oakland for RHP Richard Guasch, RHP Seth Shuman and catcher Drew Millas

Kyle Schwarber goes to Boston for RHP Aldo Ramirez

Daniel Hudson to San Diego for RHP Mason Thompson and Short Stop/ 2nd Baseman Jordy Barley

card image from tcdb.com

Finally Brad Hand goes to Canada for catcher Riley Adams. Riley is showing to be pretty good offensively. 

Sadly the Nats will probably still have a losing season this year. Each year all I ask is for the Nats to at least go .500. Some years that is way too much to ask.

The images of Nats cards are from my collection except for the Josh Harrison card (I have it but didn't scan it) from tradingcarddatabase dot com. and Brad Hand Indians card also from tcdb.com

31 July 2021

Treacycle Turner Ties Record On Birthday

 WOW! What a birthday present to give yourself; tying a Major League Baseball record. Well The Nats Shortstop Trea Turner did just that on Wednesday 30 June 2021 on the evening of his 28th Birthday. Trea hit for The Cycle vs the Tampa Bay Rays. The THIRD of his career making him the Fifth MLB player to do so. He joins Adrian Beltre (who had all three in the same park), Babe Herman, Bob Meusel and John Reilly in this rare feat. Currently Three is the most cycles any player has hit. Perhaps one day Trea will hit cycle number 4. That would be amazing. Trea's previous cycles were hit in 2017, and 2019. Trea has hit 3 of the 5 cycles in Nationals History. The only other Nationals to Hit for The Cycle are: Cristian Guzman in 2008 and Brad Wilkerson in 2005 in the Nat's 2nd game. Wilkerson was the first Nat to hit for the cycle he also hit for the cycle for the Montreal Expos in 2003.

2021 Topps Now Baseball: 433 Trea Turner Washington Nationals

The Treacycle

Cycle Number 1
Cycles 2 and 3

Related Link:

ESPN.com Washington National's Trea Turner becomes first player to hit for cycle on birthday in modern era

UGH: While procrastinating on scanning this record tying card of Trea news broke of him being Traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers along with Max Scherzer for the July Trade Deadline. While news of Max getting traded was not a surprise and in the long run might be better for the Nats; Trea getting traded was a surprise and really ticked me off royally. 

30 June 2021

Soto 1st Career Walk Off Single

This single card I am showing is a significant event for the Nats and in particular this young player's Career. 

On 06 April 2021 at Nats Park vs The Atlanta Braves. Bottom of the 9th the game is tied 5-5. Victor Robles singles with a sharp line drive to right-fielder Ronald Acuna, Trea Turner gets hit by a pitch, Robles goes to 2nd. Juan Soto at bat with 2 runners on First and Second. The count is 3 Balls 0 Strikes. Soto rips a sharp line drive single up the middle center-fielder Cristian Pache, Victor Robles scores. Nats win 6 to 5.

2021 Topps Now 39 Juan Soto

31 May 2021

Topps Now Turn Back The Clock The Kid Takes The Helm

 Originally I was going to post this card with the other card I had bought with it. Both are 2021 Topps Now cards. This one being a "Turn Back The Clock" card is appropriate to post today Memorial Day so I decided to go that route.

To some this might not be a big deal but to Washington fans I think it was a pretty big event. 07 April 1969 Hall of Fame player Ted Williams dons the manager uniform for the Washington Senators for the first time vs The New York Yankees. The Yanks win the game 8-4. Ted Williams would manage the Senators from 1969 to their last season in Washington in 1971 and on into their transition to The Texas Rangers until 1972.

2021 Topps Now Baseball: Turn Back The Clock: 7 Ted Williams Washington Senators
"The Kid" takes the helm in Washington

29 April 2021

Sentators Single: 1952 Bowman Archie Wilson


1952 BOWMAN Archie Wilson 210

I recently got this beaut from a Sportlots auction. I had to pay up a bit more than the opening 25¢ bid at $1.75 plus a steep $4.85 shipping. But it is nice.

1952 Bowman Archie Wilson 210 Washington Senators

31 March 2021

Expos Extra: Stadium Club Ultra and Gold

EXPOS EXTRA: Stadium Club Ultra and Some Gold
Alrighty then lets get this show on the road. This month I am cheating a little by making an Expos post. Hey my blog my rules. Actually one of the cards I'm showing is of one of the transition Expos to Nationals players but I'm only showing his Expos card. You have to read the post and/or view the images to find out who. HA.

I started the idea for this post with the thought of showing a couple of base cards with their gold variant and then decided to toss in a few cards that were in the same trade package that the variants were in. All 8 of these Expos cards are from 1999 Fleer Ultra and 2002 Topps Stadium Club 4 cards from each set.  

First I'll show a trio of bonus cards just the fronts:

A Montreal Trio Vlad plus 1
We have: 
1999 Fleer Ultra Baseball:
174 Dustin Hermanson
20 Vladimir Guerrero
2002 Topps Stadium Club Baseball:
27 Vladimir Guerrero

Next I'll show the meat and potatoes of this post the gold variants with their base counterparts.

Orlando Cabrera: 2002 Topps Stadium Club Baseball 40
Base and Gold Variant
2002 Topps Stadium Club Baseball: 40 Orlando Cabrera Base

2002 Topps Stadium Club Baseball: 40 Orlando Cabrera Gold
This card is a THICK one. 
Not as thick as some relic cards but at least double thickness compared to the base

RONDELL WHITE: 1999 Fleer Ultra Baseball 117 & 117G
Base and Gold Medallion Variant 
1999 Fleer Ultra Baseball: 117 Rondell White Base

1999 Fleer Ultra Baseball: 117G Rondell White Gold Medallion

Now the transition Expos to Nationals Player Jose Vidro
2002 Topps Stadium Club Baseball: 39 Jose Vidro
2002 Topps Stadium Club Baseball: 39 Jose Vidro

I hope you enjoyed these blasts from the past from the Great White North.