31 December 2015

A Couple of Infield Autos

A few weeks back I got a couple of auto cards from a seller on Sportlots from two auctions both for the opening .25¢ bid. I forget what the final postage was. Some of those dealers don't give much of a break on shipping. Anyway it wasn't until I logged them onto my Zistle and TradingCardDataBase lists (or attempted to) that I noticed one of the was not an "officially certified autograph". What the heck it looks close enough to real sigs I've seen of the player that I believe it to be a real in-person or through the mail auto.

First the "Unofficial Autograph" card. It is a 2007 Topps Turkey Red Baseball Chrome Gold Variant serial numbered to 1999 with an autograph signed on-card with a black sharpie. Card #127 Ryan Zimmerman.

 2007 Topps Turkey Red Baseball Gold 127 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
#d 0347/1999 w/black sharpie autograph "uncertified"
(Front and Back)

Next is a "Certified Autograph" 2011 Topps Chrome Baseball Certified Autograph Issue signed on-card in blue sharpie. Card #33 Danny Espinosa RC.
 2011 Topps Chrome Baseball Certified Autograph Issue
33 Danny Espinosa RC Nationals on-card autograph in blue sharpie
(Front and Back)

All the dust looking specks on the front of the cards is from the scanner glass. I didn't wipe it down before scanning.

For the Zimmerman front image I had to adjust the brightness/contrast some so I could see the auto on my computer. The chromeness of the gold foil doesn't scan well. Maybe I should have brightened up the Espinosa also.