15 May 2015

Frankly Friday: Frankly Friday Logo Details

Frankly Friday: The Key To The Logo

I should have done this a very long time ago. In case anyone was stumped on any of the cards that are shown in the logo that heads each episode of Frankly Friday. Since it is a scattered collage there are no real organized rows but fortunately the way they are laid out I can make three reasonably facsimile rows. There are a few of these cards that are not shown individually yet. Those cards I haven't yet mentioned on this blog. Hopefully I will fix that problem soon. When I do I will update this post. Normally I don't like posting incomplete posts or pages but I wanted to get this one out.

Row 1:

Row 2:

1961 Topps Baseball: 280 Frank Howard Dodgers

1969 Topps Baseball: Decals: 18 Frank Howard Senators

1965 Topps Baseball: 120 Frank Robinson Reds

1969 Milton Bradley Game Card: 120 Frank Howard Senators

Row 3:

1970 Milton Bradley Game Card: Frank Howard Senators

1962 Topps Baseball: Frank Howard Dodgers
1965 Topps Baseball: Back 40 Frank Howard Dodgers

Most, but not all of these cards have been mentioned previously on Hill Street Blues er this blog. Usually as a Frankly Friday Episode.

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