16 March 2012

Programs! G't 'Ur Programs Here!

On Sunday 04 March of this year 2012, I went to my good old Local Card Shop (LCS) "House of Cards" in Downtown Silver Spring, MD. I don't get there as often as I should. I won't mention the Non-Curly W stuff I got, but the "Piece de Resistance" was a Washington Senators Scorecard Program from 1965 for $15.00 in fantastic condition for a 47 year old program. The white paper is only slightly yellowed (shows mostly on the back along the middle edge, good old 1960s glossy magazine pages..

 Cover of 1965 Washington Senators Scorecard Program

1965 Senators Game Program Scorecard Visitors and Home pages pasted together
(scanner too small to do both pages together)

The center scorecard bit has the starting line-up/batting order filled out for both teams (the Senators lead-off batter isn't listed though weird). The visitors for this one the Cleveland Indians there are no scoring marks, but there are some small little swirly Q's on the ad to the right either to get the pen to write or to relieve some boredom.

 1965 Senators Program Scorecard Visitors Page
1965 Senators Program Scorecard Senators Home Page

Judging from the lineups (the starting pitchers in particular) it looks to be from 16 May 1965. (Thanks to the 1965 schedule posted at Baseball Almanac.com)

1965 Senators Program Scorecard Team Line-Ups

It was the first game of a doubleheader and an 8-7 "Curly W" for the record books, the second game that day was a 3-7 loss (a "Curly L"?).

I won't scan all the pages, unless I feel the need to show off all the ads or the rest of the players bios. Here is a typical page with the bio of 1964 off-season acquisition player Frank Howard who would become a key player to the Washington Senators ball club. There is also an advertisement for Ballantine Beer.

1965 Senators Program page with Frank Howard bio
and Ballintine Beer ad 

Program cost on game-day in 1965 = 15¢
Local Card Shop purchase 47 years later = $15.00
Value to Senators Memorabilia Collector born that year = Priceless

I may look for more Senators game programs in decent shape, preferably with the scorecard still in the program whether it has been filled in or not. If filled in I would probably want to see the overall condition first.

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Hackenbush said...

I love seeing old programs. Nice find. Love the graphic on the front.