22 August 2013

Classless Atlanta Fans

Friday 16 August 2013: Washington Nationals @ Atlanta Braves the game would end up a 3-2 win for Atlanta, however that is not what I'm ranting about here. This rant is about this:

And This:  (OK I couldn't find the right type of picture I was looking for exactly)

Yep Braves pitchers beaned Bryce Harper with a pitch twice in one game and with the second hit (at 91 mph) the fans in the stands CHEERED! YES That is right THEY CHEERED THAT A BATTER WAS HIT WITH THE BALL! Very CLASSLESS Braves fans. I just wish the Nats had bounced back and beaten the tar out of the Braves. OH Well Next Year, without any hijinks.

Now it is one thing to boo an opposing player as he steps up to bat, as the fans did each time Harper took the plate, but to CHEER his getting hit with the ball? What if it had been a freak pitch that knocked his helmet off, or smashed it, and gave him a concussion or killed him? Fans should NEVER cheer when an athlete is injured. Braves fans you are sick, sick, sick, SICK, I hope your team loses whatever playoff games they get to this year.

I noticed that a Red Sox pitcher got ejected from a game and suspended for five games for beaning Yankees Alex Rodriguez with a pitch. Oh and on Saturday's Nats-Braves game (the night after this Hit Harper Game) Stephen Strasburg gets ejected for pitching "behind" a batter, not even hitting him, and these Braves pitchers got NO punishment? Come on MAN the second pitcher should have at least been ejected on the spot, but no this year the Braves are the MLB's perfect little darlings.

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