13 September 2013

Frankly Friday: Dual Autos UD Reflections Style

2005 Upper Deck Dual Signatures Reflections
I think the first card I'm showing in this post was one of the first "dual autograph/signature" cards I ever got, or maybe not. It may have even been the first time I got an "on-sticker" auto card. I don't recall. It was almost certainly one of the first Frank Howard autograph cards I ever got. Anyway at the time I got the first one a few years back the National player featured was one of my top five Nats players, since then there have been a few more players who have come and gone so my top five looks much different and probably has more current players on it. 

So in 2005 one of the zillions of Upper Deck sets was called Reflections and an insert set consisted of dual autograph cards and some parallels of those dual auto cards. As with many autograph cards they are "on sticker" not on the card itself, I of course prefer the on card. Many of the pairs don't make sense to me anyway, but this pair is a pair of Washington Sluggers. Frank Howard and Nick Johnson. There are a few other combinations with both these players one is Frank with Dave Kingman of the Cubs and another combo is another Nats combo of Nick with Chad Cordero. I plan on getting those someday. 

The base card of this pairing I think I might have actually gotten from a group break, I don't really recall. The second card the Blue Parallel I got from Ebay for a decent price $10 or less. I don't have the patience to look up how much I got if for exactly even though it was only earlier this year or maybe late last year. So without further adieu here are the two cards.

2005 Upper Deck Dual Signature Reflections FHNJ
Frank Howard Senators and Nick Johnson Nationals
(Front and Back)

2005 Upper Deck Dual Signature Reflections FHNJ
Frank Howard Senators and Nick Johnson Nationals
Blue Parallel serial numbered 14/35 (Front and Back)
Franks, Senators and Nationals mentioned in this post:

Update Edit: OK so I did look a little to see how much I paid for the Blue Parallel only $8.00 + $2.50 shipping (technically a little more than $10 that is because I had to outbid someone to win LOL). Oh and it was received 25 May this year.


Hackenbush said...

There's probably a red version out there serial #'d to 99. I have the three versions of the Ron Santo Brooks Robinson card.

CaptKirk42 said...

Yep I'm pretty sure there is a red version. I don't have it yet and didn't think about mentioning it. It seems that this series had a base card (no serial #) which they call "Platinum" (Unless that is yet another version), The Blue which is #d/35 and the Red #d/99. So yes it looks to be there are 3 versions of each "pairing". The Santo/Robinson combo is one I will eventually get. There might be a few other combos I'll get sometime as well.