26 January 2014

Strive for '65

On my regular blog I posted a special goal I call "Strive for '65" to complete my 1965 Topps set build by next April the 50th Anniversary of the set and also my 50th birthday (yeah I don't like to talk about my birthday much)

Hopefully before then I can finish up the Senators Team set from that year. If I don't I'll be pretty sad.

Lets see here is what I need for the Senators set, just 15 11 9 1 to go of the 26 Senators from that year:

Technically I have all of them but my Don Blasingame #21 has paper glued to the back. At one point it was glued into a binder or notebook of some kind. I need an upgraded copy with a readable back.

021 Don Blasingame (just got it but need desperate upgrade)
099 Gil Hodges MGR
148 Willie Kirkland
152 Phil Ortega
211 Steve Ridzik
224 Bob Chance
252 Pete Richert
284 Nick Willhite
304 Dave Stenhouse
319 Ken McMullen
336 Woodie Held
371 Frank Kreutzer
466 Senators Rookies: Pete Craig,  Dick Nen RC
496 Joe Cunningham
523 Mike Brumley SP

Updated: 11 Mar 2014


Nick said...

1965 will always be my favorite Topps set. That Senators team card is neat!

CaptKirk42 said...

Yeah I love the '65 set, and the team cards with the team photo make more sense than the modern ones where they show some action shot with 1 maybe 2 guys from the team and call it a "team" card. The modern ones don't stand out when you are looking for them.