25 February 2014

Building A Rainbow: Nick Johnson Style

If you read enough card blogs on the internet then you have heard of "The Rainbow" which is simply a mini or sub-set collection of the variations/parallels of one specific card. Well I have been building a rainbow of this Nick Johnson Card:
2010 Topps Baseball 181 Nick Johnson Marlins
(Front and Back)
Oh boy was I steamed when the Nats Traded "Nicky Boy" over to the Marlins. Well that is part of the game players get traded. Anyway this is a cool looking action shot of Nick in the Fishstripes. I have a few of the variations or parallels of this card. Some of them I had gotten from COMC some months back. I still plan on blogging about that 44 card purchase from last year. No not all of the cards were of Nick and there thank goodness are not 44 different variations of this single one card, although it does seem like it at times.

So here is the latest parallel I got. This came from Ebay for $4.99 + $2.50 shipping. It is the Factory Set Red Parallel version serial numbered to /299. I am also blogging about this card on my regular card blog and mention the bonus "FOOTBALL" cards that were sent with it.
2010 Topps Baseball: Factory Set Red Border Parallel 181 Nick Johnson Marlins #d 214/299
(Front and Back)

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Duane said...

of course when I saw this headline...i thought how could there be 2 Nick the Stick posts in the same day.......well if the same guy has 2 different blogs posting the same thing......so I added this to my list as well....