23 February 2014

Porterfield Tobacco

1954 Red Man Tobacco Baseball AL18 Bob Porterfield Senators
(in Toploader)

ACK! I'm surprised I hadn't mentioned Mr. Porterfield on this blog yet. I recently got my second Bob Porterfield Red Man Tobacco Card. My first one a 1953 I have blogged about on my regular blog. This one the 1954 I got from Ebay for $10 with Free Shipping. Cool I still haven't spent more than $10 before shipping costs on any of the now 4 Red Man cards I have. 

The picture at the top of this post is how the card is stored with the special size toploader, that is how it came. Well that is not entirely true it did come in the toploader but when I got it the front appeared a little more messed up. Here is what it looked like, the image is from the Ebay auction (well the first half, the auction image has the back image to the right of the front image. I did some cropping)
Image of card from Ebay auction
Other than the color difference from different scanners, scanner settings, if  you look on the left of the card in the Ebay image you will notice some dirty water droplet type marks. Well with a little light fingernail scraping and then a very careful wiping with a lightly damp paper towel (only about an inch worth or smaller of area of the paper towel damp) I removed the splash stains.

1954 Red Man Tobacco Baseball AL18 Bob Porterfield Senators
(Front and Back)

So my 1954 Red Man Tobacco Bob Porterfield card joins my 1953 Red Man Tobacco Bob Porterfield card.

1953 Red Man Tobacco Baseball AL19 Bob Porterfield Senators


Hackenbush said...

I wouldn't have thought to try and clean a card. Good work!

CaptKirk42 said...

I don't normally think of that and don't usually advise doing it. It looked like it was just some water splashing to begin with so I thought "why not?" (other than the thought it could ruin the card) I was a bit nervous about even trying that is why I tried light fingernail scraping first to see if any would come off at all. I also know from cleaning tips of other stuff to only use a little of the water or whatever you use to try cleaning some collectible. So I just dabbed a little and made sure it was completely dry after. Some collectors would throw fits at just the thought of even thinking of trying it.