27 June 2014

Frankly Friday: Reflecting on a Rainbow or Joy of a Complete Rainbow

2005 UD Reflections Dual Sig Frank Howard and Nick Johnson RED

Wow its hard to believe that this card is almost 10 years old, and even still that it has been six or seven years since I got the "base" version of this card and before I managed to get this variant to complete this sort of mini-rainbow. So in 2005 Upper Deck released a sub-set of these Dual Signatures for the Reflections set. Some of them are two HOFers together and others like this one are an older time player and a modern player some of the combinations have no reasonable connection whatsoever. Maybe they connected players by position, but most of the combinations are head scratchers. This card is sort of the "same" team it is technically not the same team but the same City. The combination of Frank Howard Washington Senators and Nick Johnson Washington Nationals. In September of last year I mentioned my acquisition of the Blue variant. Two of my favorite Washington Players both retired now. Here is the final card from this three card mini-rainbow the serial numbered to 99 RED variant. I got it via Ebay (17 May 2014) for $14.99 + $2.25 shipping. The most I've paid for one of the trio. I've seen each one especially the Blue and Red ones for much much more.
2005 Upper Deck Reflections Dual Signature Series RED: 
FHNJ Frank Howard Senators and Nick Johnson Nationals
blue sharpie on sticker #d 12/99

Here are all three together via a mash-up collage. I had scanned each one previously but have never scanned them together so I had to do some "photoshopping" (I used MSPaint) to put the trio together. I think I made them a tiny bit too long lengthwise.

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